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    1. eagc7
      Cliffjumper, Smokescreen
      Chris Mowry told me in this site that Cliffjumper survived. Smokescreen also appears alive and well in Transformers Nefarious and Rising Storm, plus this is supported in the prose story Covergence, where Soundwave only finds the dead bodies of Air Raid and Camshaft
    2. Fonecrusher
      Aye man guess what I emailed GAME Australia asking if they were getting the Sideswipe DLC like US and UK and they said
      "We haven't got the DLC yet or been told if were getting it all from the supplier."
      Basically they have no f**kin clue! lol

      Looks like it's import for me is aswell :D
    3. Fonecrusher
      Hey thanks for the link, $15 seems a bit steep but I might make an offer see if I can haggle it down a bit lol

      Yeah I was just worried coz I've bought US games before and they've been incompatible with stuff I get off the EU/AUS PSN store, but this looks like it it's a global offer so should probably work anywhere.
    4. Fonecrusher
      hey dude where did you buy the Sideswipe DLC for DOTM from? I looked around ebay and found nothing?

      Also are you sure it will work on our game since DLC isn't region compatible...
    5. eagc7
    6. eagc7
      i see u like Marvel, im doing a fan fic involving marvle and tf characters
    7. Splintershot
      I was just reading your "about me" when I noticed... you met the Linkin Park members?!
    8. TFcollecterguy
      Welcome to TFW2005 good sir! Enjoy your stay, I promise you will!
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