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    1. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Never, I am here to Save them

      FROM YOU!!!!
    2. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I'm here to steal your waifus!
    3. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      :lol Yeah, So when the next movie comes out what do you expect to happen?
    4. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      1. Hello!
      2. I love your videos.
      3. Your a pretty aawesome guy.
      4. My Influence is strong, unbreakable...
    5. agentSAP2006
      Happy birthday! How did you enjoy it?
    6. NotRamjet97
      I always thought Twi might sleep in a football uniform. (saw it in a fanfic)
      Pinkie sleeps in those footy PJs IMO
      Flutters....No idea.
      What about that sleep-eye-thing?

      Seriously, maybe a nightgown.
    7. NotRamjet97
      I kinda thought (in summer) she wore shorts and a tank top that's a little too small and shows her stomach slightly. slightly.

      No it's not a bra.

      Rainbow dash however...

      In winter she wears Wonderbolt PJs.

      Ah, the life of a fanfic writer.

      So, while were on this, what do the others wear?
    8. NotRamjet97
      So I have a random question for you...

      What do you think Applejack wears for PJs?

      (And if you say underwear, I will slug you)
    9. NotRamjet97

      Yeah, probably shoulda mentioned it was on FIM, sorry.
    10. NotRamjet97
      Hey, I am allowing gore.

      To the thread:
      Transformers Crossovers - Group-fic -

      To the actual group:
      Transformers Crossovers -
    11. NotRamjet97
      Hey, just thought I'd show you the rules for the group fic we're writing (you have chapter 11):
      1. Who writes what will depend on when you put you place your request in the thread, PM me, or comment on my profile.
      2. There will be Twilicorn (sorry, but she's in).
      3. No characters will be portrayed as homosexual. If there is any romance it will be straight.
      4. The series for Transformers will be Aligned (including Prime, WFC/FOC, Rescue Bots).
      5. You can have two OCs, if you so choose, one pony, one Transformer.
      6. Will be rated Teen.
      7. Some pony gore is acceptable (but don't rip out kidneys in detail, m'kay?), Transformer gore can be more abundant though, lol.
      8. NO CLOPPING!!!!!!!!!
      9. Swearing will be limited.
      10. Starting sometime next month.
      11. PM me the chapters when you're ready.
    12. NotRamjet97
      Yeah, I put it in the TF crossovers forum, LegoTFguy's trying to get Animated as the series we write with (but in his defense, I see where he's coming from. Lots of characters, series ended on a cliffhanger).

      I haven't voted yet, (our choices are Aligned, Animated, and Unicron Trilogy). I'm leaning towards UT, just cuz I grew up with it (though my first figure was RID Rapid Run).

      Maybe AJ can protect you. Though she may try and see if your filled with jam after watching that movie.

      (Dunno why I bring up old stuff like that, it's just...there...)
    13. NotRamjet97
      Hi again...

      Anyway, I know you're on FIM (I also know Derpy's gunning for you since that birthday game, she hasn't killed you yet, has she?), so I was wondering if you wanna join this TF group collaboration fic that I'm organizing. (I might have told you on FIM, but I told LegoTFguy, who's on board, about it here as well, and I plan to do the same with Megatron_91)

      If you don't I completely understand.
    14. NotRamjet97
      Oh, thanks :D
    15. NotRamjet97
      Um, this is gonna sound weird, but could I friend you? (C'mon, I gotta friend the guy that converted me to a brony)
    16. ken8kuhletz08
      I instantly remembered your TFP/MLP crossover videos upon viewing the funny clip of Megatron being a complete brony. :lol
    17. jackgaughan
      I'm going to send you a Xbox live friend request, and there's nothing you can do about it!
    18. doomboy536
      I bet you there are loads of PC mods that allow it. I'd love to see a full Renegade Azula Shepard :D
    19. doomboy536
      Given that you like Azula and Mass Effect, I figure you'll like this.

      Fanart by thefenrir on deviantART
    20. Dinodigger97
      What's your avatar looking at?
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