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Apr 27, 2023
Aug 4, 2010
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Primal Sabbath

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Apr 27, 2023
    1. Toolala
      When're the Neo reviews comin my dude
      I want to see some of your takes on the toys and characters.
      from your dear abandoned son, Toolala.
    2. Fallout
      yo, couldn't help but notice you live in shreveport. small world, my brother and his family live up there and i've picked up a handful of tf's on visits there.
      1. Primal Sabbath
        Primal Sabbath
        Haha I know right?
        Well next time you're up for a visit let me know. Hopefully I'll be off work and I'll be able to get some other locals together and hang out.
        Jan 28, 2018
    3. Primal Sabbath
      Primal Sabbath
      I liked Tigatron & Under-3 the most :lol
      Right behind TM3 Megatron, that is...
      But the box set was superb too! And if you had the three retail figures you had a Magnaboss to go right along with him. Reflector is also a super neat idea, but he wasn't even in the comic so I'm kinda neutral on him.
    4. Lady Slipstream
      Lady Slipstream
      I hope so... I hope...

      And so... from this year BotCon, which were your absolute favourites? Mine were Reflector, TM3 Megatron, The Tripredacus council, Ravage and Terrorsaur. Is kinda weird that I like Ravage, because, with Tigatron, he is like, one of the most hated BotCon figures.
    5. Lady Slipstream
      Lady Slipstream
      Maybe as you say, I should go for the legacy set... I bump myself everytime to not get it when was on sale... Like in a Black Friday or a Cyber-Monday... From those figures, the one that I like the most is Flamewar, then Apelinq, Shockaract and Flareup...

      About something else... you will get the TFSS 5.0?
    6. Lady Slipstream
      Lady Slipstream
      You're welcome... To be honest, I would like to have a collection as big as yours...

      Also, I wanted to ask you something...Do you recommend me any BotCon Figure from 2014?
    7. Lady Slipstream
      Lady Slipstream

      I remember, when I suscribed you like, 2 years ago, when the Pirates vs. Knights set was released... since then, I liked a lot your reviews.
    8. The1980sMan
      Hey I subscribed to your YouTube Chanel, OK
    9. The1980sMan
      Never mind, I sent it to you, OK
    10. The1980sMan
      I did that with some one else before, how do I do that?
    11. The1980sMan
    12. The1980sMan
    13. The1980sMan
      We have some problems I thought we could talk about, if you know my real name you may not even like me
    14. The1980sMan
      Can we talk about it through email, so it is not on the public comments, thank you
    15. The1980sMan
      Hey, I see know the G1Hexatron, am I right?
    16. byrnez
      I am not tolerant of people wanting to have a go at me with words and always invite them to have a real go. It is best I remind myself that I am as different to these members as they are to me. I know myself too well to want to engage in such conduct for I will always come to the fence but will most certainly jump it with me feeling badly for losing control of myself. Thanks to you and some members for your support in helping defuse the explosive force I am ,for without your consideration I would not be here.
    17. byrnez
      :)Nice to have met you here in cyberspace pal
    18. SeanTF1967
      I am a Maximal to the end
    19. SeanTF1967
      Or Predacons Terrorize
    20. SeanTF1967
      Happy New Year, Maximals Maximize
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