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Sep 5, 2016
    1. Galvatross
      I have not seen you around here lately. I hope everything is going well. How is the southern California Armenian community doing? Still fighting the good Armobot fight? Haha I just had to!
    2. Knaranek
      Hey just checking in with you. You have not made it to the last couple meetups. I have been posting them here as well to make sure you see them.
    3. Galvatross
      I also have a friend from southern California who I affectionately call Sarscream! :D
    4. Galvatross
      I'd like to think the "Meg" in Megatron means "one," like he's the number one guy around. I know that's not where his name actually comes from, but it would make sense.
    5. Galvatross
      Shnorhavor Nor Dari yev Soorp Dznoont! I hope you're doing well. By the way, I looked up the Armenian word for "galvanize" the other day (zingabadel), so does that mean Galvatron's Armenian name is "Zingabadatron?"
    6. Stryker729
      Oh. Thanks though for telling me. We can still share sightings info about Glendale Galleria Target.
    7. Stryker729
      We also use the same Target and Toysrus, so sightings info would be nice too. Wait- did you go to Rosemont?
    8. Stryker729
      Well it was around the points of good teachers and other TF fans. Cuz I don't know anyone who I can relate to about TFs.
    9. Stryker729
      No, I'm going to CVHS. They can't be that different though.
    10. Stryker729
      Hey man, you Glendale area? I'm new to the boards, and just started high school last week, so if you know the GUSD system, I was wondering if you could give me some tips. Thanks!
    11. Galvatross
      That's not surprising. I've seen some pretty great Youtube videos put together in a matter of days. Anyways, it's a long day for me tomorrow (technically it's my birthday already today...I was born a week before the Genocide anniversary), so I'm going get into bed here shortly. Keep up the good work!
    12. Galvatross
      Very good work. I think Tsitsernakaberd is a good background choice. A very well paced set of interviews in my opinion.
    13. Galvatross
      Oh I'm well aware of that. I'm no fan of hers to say the least. What's the video called? I'd love to watch it.
    14. Galvatross
      Thanks. As of today I'm not making it to LA anymore next week, but I'll be going to events in northern California before the actual centennial. A few friends of mine are actually going to Armenia. Another was recently there; in fact, I saw her in pictures with the Kardashians, which was really random, and I'm not sure what exactly she was doing there, but I digress.
    15. Galvatross
      Hey Primacronus, just out of curiosity what are some of the main April 24th centennial events in LA? I tend to stay away from the big crowds, but I was curious anyways.
    16. Galvatross
      Shnorhavor Nor Dari yev Soorp Dznoont! Enjoy your holidays!
    17. Galvatross
      I just thought of this, and thought you'd like it:

      "Armobots, Hyeceptions, like little manoogs, always fighting, making a mess out of the hayrenik. Then I've got to clean it up."
    18. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      The existence of these movies brought forth a new generation of fans to this wonderful franchise. I am part of this new generation. This IS my "Generation 1." Love it or not, these movies have the same "issues" that the Generation 1 of your time had, including but not limited to Animation Errors, Plot Holes, Derpy dialogue, etc.

      I'm not taking sides in this infinite conflict. I never will. I've enjoyed the movies, shows, everything. I enjoy Transformers.

      I hope when I'm your ages that I don't act this way toward a reboot of my favorite series.

      I'm pretty sure even our Congress can reach amends faster than we ever will.

      "The problem with loyalty to a that the cause will always betray you."

      That's my contribution, feel free to dissect my words and twist them into what I surely didnt mean. It's what many of you seem to be good at doing to each other. Just an observation.

      ~Till all are one?
      Till all are one!!!:rock
      Awesome words!
    19. Galvatross
      Likewise! Many of my Armenian friends have seen the movies or grew up with G1 or Beast Wars, but I'm the most enthusiastic about Transformers among them, so it's always good meeting other Armenians who have a similar interest level as I. Paree kisher.
    20. Galvatross
      Because I'm half Armenian myself, so whenever I see "Glendale" that's what I instantly think of. I even have my own personal Armenian Transformers universe with its own characters. For instance, the evil Kardashotrons combine to form Vorus Maximus!
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