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    1. eagc7
      More continuity errors then. At the end of DOFP Wolvie was introduced to the original X-Men like Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm after a slumber which surprised him to a great deal. So for Apocalypse are we supposed to believe that he interacted with the younger version of these 3 X-Men years before that event?
      this is because after Mystique decided to not murder Trask and the Future changed, the counciousness of the Bad Future Wolverine returned to the future. so the Wolverine in Apocalypse have no memories of the events of DOFP and such because his future self left the body. so the Wolverine of the altered timeline interacts with the younger versions, but later in the future, the mind of the Bad Future Wolverine, the Wolverine that never interacted with the teen versions, takes over the body of the good future Wolverine. thats why he was surprised when he saw the X-Men alive and well
    2. eagc7
      just because she had 1 scene doesnt mean Singer no longer cares for her. in some cases a character only appears in 1 scene because he/she doesnt really fit the story, but yet the director wants to bring him/her back or in some cases for give a conclusion to the character since he/she is no longer needed
    3. eagc7
      No big loss. Rogue has been reduced to cameo appearances under Singer. What a waste of a great character.
      Correction, Rogue had a main role in the films made by Singer (X-Men 1 and 2) her role was reduced to a supporting role/cameo stuff in Xmen 3 directed by another guy that its not Singer
    4. JazzHunter83
      Just saw your post on the describe yourself thread and felt like posting my response to you here because I think you deserve to feel better about yourself. "Aw! I think you sound like an awesome guy. Everything you have posted on here leads me to believe that you are a damn great guy, please don't forget it".
    5. Falconhood
      so it won't be like the Matty Collector Voltron, where If I do not buy the first ones right away, they will be gone forever? Thanks for your input, I was thinking that with your name, you would be on this. So are you getting both? Predaking is my fave G1 Gestault.
    6. Falconhood
      You might be able to help, which version of you should I buy? the Mastermind Creations version or the other one coming out?
    7. Breakdown96
    8. Predaking
      @eagc7 I stand corrected. Thanks.
    9. eagc7
      Spider-Man was made by sony, not fox and the sequel was confirmed last year
    10. Predaking
      TJ: I am going to open my copy of SFxT soon. Honestly the complaints from the forum members have me wondering if I should just wait for used copy because I have doubts it's worth the $50 I paid for. Thoughts?
    11. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      Hey you feel like playing some SFxT?
    12. xBigbotx
    13. Predaking
      Thanks xBigbotx
    14. xBigbotx
      Is it whirlwind ur looking for the Gyro head upgrade
    15. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Hey you here there's a TF4! N if u reply click view conversation then reply cuz I don't get the reply if u don't click it;)
    16. Predaking
      Thanks Shockwave1213 :)
    17. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Oh man ur avatar so nice
    18. BlackzaraK
      Hey Stanley how u been?? Sorry I don't have anymore tfc figures
    19. eagc7
      Who knows mayeb they will have small screen tiem or they amtured during ROTF And tf3 tiem gap, or they are kileld i nteh beggining (horever i lie kteh tiwns so i hoep the last thnig dosent happen),

      Btw theres no HULK 3 comnig yet, has the incredible hulk (2008 film) was a Reboot, Thus The incredible HULK is HULK 1, in the marvel cinematic unvierse and its not related to ang lee hulk
    20. Predaking
      Ooohh... that sucks so much. I hate those ghetto TFs. I may skip the movie afterall.
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