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Apr 20, 2024 at 1:35 AM
Jul 3, 2002
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Pravus Prime

Wields Mjolnir!, Male, 44

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Apr 20, 2024 at 1:35 AM
    1. linkinparkirony
      Every once in a while i go back and read your posts on how Prime failed financially. Had no idea things were that dire.. really eye opening stuff, and you did a great job at compiling it all together.
    2. MrNiceGuy
      You seem like a true fan of Transformers Animated. I've seen some of your posts about the lore and behind the scenes stuff.
      1. Pravus Prime
        Pravus Prime
        Thanks. I wasn't actually a day one fan, it took a while for me to get there, but once I did, it got me pretty good. The Almanacs are a great source of information and full of neat stuff.
        Dec 1, 2019
      2. MrNiceGuy
        I was just reading those comments you made about TFA Megatron being a sympathetic figure. Maybe a bit of a reach, but a good read nonetheless.
        Dec 3, 2019
    3. Jux
      Happy belated birthday friend
    4. Jux
      Happy birthday duderino
      1. Pravus Prime
        Pravus Prime
        Thanks, same to you. Didn't know you were even still around anymore.
        Jul 7, 2018
    5. GoLion
      Responded to your post. Not sure if you can refute my claim.
    6. batfan007
      Not just you, I think the best Galvatron stories have YET to be told.
    7. Jet
      can't PM is full. I was wondering if you could help me out with a TF fan Show
    8. Jet
      May I ask you something
    9. CaptainSlayer
      Hey Pravus! Sorry for joking around about politics - as I said in my thread just now, I was aware that arguments over politics/religion weren't allowed but I didn't know jokes were off limits too.

      I thought you were just being uptight about it.

      Thanks for trying to warn me and sorry for not heeding it!
    10. Jux
      Happy birthday dude
    11. Falconhood
      Hey, do you play DI on Xbox?
    12. Snake_eyes1975
      cool man, Ill talk to some of the other guys and Ill post something.
    13. Shadowwavepool7
      Hey if you are still up for that FOC thing we are starting another.
    14. SydneyY
      My friend, I am really glad to hear from you!! I took a break earlier this year from the boards and am slowly finding my way back. I hope you have been well, too.
    15. MandarinQuake
      Do you know of any other sites where people are able to post threads on like the one we are using now?
    16. ORIO
      News credit awarded. Sorry for the delay!
    17. einis
      That much....
      So it's like WFC -without online connection ,right?
      At least WFC had tons of characters ,but this.. 4 characters isn't enough..if there were 6-7 characters I wouldn't complain that much.They designed Ratchet ,Starscream(or is that his older model from previous games ?) and Shockwave (not sure about Sideswipe.Is he in the cutscenes).Add guys like Sideways ,Swipe(if he isn't there) ,Breakaway and it would have also made the story longer

      Thanks for the answer,anyway.
    18. einis
      einis know about DSs a lot ,right?
      So I'm thinking ,could they release something like DLC for DOTM game.Pay a few bucks ,then download that pack that would feature some new bots and story missions to your pc and then connect DS to pc via wi-fi and transfer the file to ds.Could this work?
    19. x BlackMagnus x
    20. SydneyY
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