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    1. Q Prime
      Q Prime
      Hi, wondering If you’re the same guy as Fredbob?
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      2. Q Prime
        Q Prime
        Jun 4, 2020
      3. power3921
        Yeah, that's me. I use the name Fredbob on most websites, but I've been on tfw since before I started doing that
        Jun 4, 2020
      4. Q Prime
        Q Prime
        Cool. It’s good to know people that overlap between different forums. All of my names include Q and my avatar uses the same colours:
        Jun 4, 2020
    2. Shattered Trousers
    3. power3921
      Thanks, glad you like it, but it's just a picture of an unreleased sculpture I found on the wiki. Nothing I made myself or anything.
    4. pumpkingonzo
      You have an amazing avatar!
    5. power3921
      Sorry, for not replying for so long, I have moderate Autism and like how they've spread awareness of the disorder. I've not heard anything bad about them from my own knowledge or special ed teachers I've been with.. I'd be curious to learn why your wife hates them.
    6. DPrime
      Hey power3921, I have to ask about Autism Speaks... reason being, my wife works as a special ed teacher. In fact, she's doing her master's right now in inclusive education, and has worked with autistic children and adults (as well as those with other disabilities) her whole life, and she HATES Autism Speaks as a charity.

      Just wondering about an opposing point of view. Saw your sig, thought I'd say hi, and why? :)
    7. Soundpulse
      Really, really kind of you. I don't see much people trying to do what you do. I just wish some schools would participate in it.
    8. Soundpulse
      Love your sig, its something people really need to do, and this is coming from someone who deals with autism.
    9. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Sadly i have much more than Autism i have Multipersonality disorder, but i have learned to live with it and i hope you the best with yours, i know i can be hard at times
    10. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      I like your sig, as i am one to have such thing
    11. power3921
    12. Moonlight1102
    13. power3921
      If you ever meet someone with a disability, dont feel sorry for them, or make fun of them. Instead, admire them for being able to overcme all hte difulcties they must face every day.
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