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    1. MasterxBlaster
    2. MasterxBlaster
      Man we are in for a Ride with all these new figs being released!! After seeing whats to come from the Bot Shots, I will collect all the classic style figs, also want to get my hands on all the Decepticon Kreons (not the big set just the mini kreon figures them selves) FOC soundwave i will buying as many as i find available cus he is just that epic HA!!! Ill grab foc Jazz also just cus hes one of my fav characters!! I scored a takara 1st edition Bulkhead, so I will be getting the cast of prime, im not going to pursue the whole line tho.

      But my first on my to do list for the week is pick up some detolfs, hopefully by thursday, if its not raining!!

      Whats on the horizons for you bro?
    3. MasterxBlaster
      Haha all good

      Lol at FEE-bay feel you on that, sold a cpl of my dbls on there and damn, i had no idea how much there fees were then i got hit with fees from paypal also, came out short in the end, and all items were misb.. so ill avoid that road next time unless emergency lol

      Just read some news, that hasbro, will be trying to release the wave 2 FE figs possibly later this year, so Im not gonna be droppin the BIG money ppl are asking for bulkhead.. shoot..

      Man when you get some free time you'll have to catch up with season 1 of PRIME, its a really good series, im sure you will enjoy it!
    4. MasterxBlaster
      Hey was up bro! What do you think of the new RID Prime line? At first after watching TF Prime i said i wana collect that entire line.. but now im backing off of it for a bit.. really disappointed that we didn't get the First Edition Voyagers or Wave 1.5 in the U.S. Only Rid fig i really want atm is Soundwave and Wheeljack... I guess another main reason I'm avoiding the entire line, is cus i just started making a list of figs in categories on my notepad app.. and im blown away at how many figs i have already shheeeesh.. and I want most of them displayed! i only have room for about 3 detolfs.. and by looking at my notes.. they will be filled by just my classics stuff (including MP's/3rd party)

      Unless i can figure out a way to have the Prime Stuff displayed.. I will have to be very selective.. So how about you? I know you have a TON of TFs, do you have them most out for display? or is there a bunch of stuff that you have boxed away? Could use some ideas

      Hope you had a good weekend!

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