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Warring At Play, 48

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Jul 13, 2024 at 10:59 PM
    1. Shikaze
      Hey there. I was trying to take a look at the comics, and the site http://warringatplaycom.fatcow.com/ only display blank pages now. Amusing thing, the links to the PDFs still works.
    2. Polenicus
      Sure, feel free to use it.

      I've been having difficulty finding space and time to do the comic lately. Simply put, I live with two other people, and finding a time when the living room or kitchen is both clear, unused and CLEAN is almost impossible.
    3. goobahead1
      hey polenicus. im writing the storyboard/plot of a new photocomic right now and i was wondering if i could borrow your shadow concept as one of the main elements? you know how the comic takes place in the owners shadow and his perception controls that world?


      also when will we see more warring at play?
    4. Polenicus
      The MMS is primarily concerned with maintaining multiversal stability and integrity... basically trying to avoid what happened to the cluster of realities the MMS originated from. To that end, they will use all sorts of agents, should they prove useful. Shinkis are their 'in-house' agents, and certainly the very top levels will ONLY be Shinkis, but in lower levels and certainly in the field, they will have agents from all races, and even recruit as necessary. It is one of those deals though that once you are in, you're in FOREVER. There is no retirement from the MMS.
    5. nobleboivin
      Have a couple questions about MMS. I read somewhere that MMS members can be non shinkis but could any transformer be an MMS member and would the whole Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus situation be an acceptable reason for them appearing in other comics?
    6. Polenicus
      I'd have to double check and make sure, he's been stuffed in a box for a year or more now, will need to dig him out and ensure he's intact.
    7. TheSwipe95
      You wouldn't happen to still have a First Edition Voyager Optimus for $20, would you?
    8. Polenicus
      It's on hiatus. There was a bit of turmoil in the household recently (Roommate got pregnant, which would have necessitated clearing out room, then miscarried).
    9. Rattrap Primal
      Rattrap Primal
      hey, comic still in production or is it delayed?
    10. bacon4e
      Thanks man. I appreciate it!
    11. Polenicus
      Hmmm... sure, I can do that.
    12. bacon4e
      Hey Pol, do you think you could do a gimp tutorial on missile trails?
    13. Polenicus
      I still haven't continued that. A major move and job change happened that kind of derailed me. I will be getting back to that soon, however.
    14. God Convoy
      God Convoy
      it's been sooooo long since i read ur comic, polenicus. i have to say, nice updates! but i'm kinda in a blur... i was reading it till the part where Straf beats up Scourge, but Porn-Bot stops her. Scourge laughs, and then the Gaiden story starts... tried to find the continuation for the main story, but the one that i saw latest was the one where the latest update that u made... i'm kinda wondering what happened to Prime and Megatrons fight? what happened the them all?
    15. bookwormdalek
      I love your favorite TF quote. Hearing Magnus say that always makes me laugh. :lol
    16. Polenicus
      Sure thing, go for it
    17. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Hey, Pol, just checking if it's alright if I can still put up my Strike Witch figma reviews for Sanya and Eila. I have Sanya in-hand and planning her review, and Eila will probably follow suit next month.
    18. OOSnake
    19. Polenicus
      I know. It's because the downloads expired, and I haven't renewed them in light of having the comic site.
    20. OOSnake
      Hey, Pol, most of the download links you posted aren't working. It just links me to the main website, as it says that it can't find the file. Or something along those lines. Anyway, the main pont is the downloads no longer function.
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