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Feb 4, 2023
Jan 20, 2007
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That's MISTER Poho to you, 37

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Feb 4, 2023
    1. ThinkTank Customs
    2. Minh'T
      I hate them
    3. Minh'T
      hey i like ur thread "Can someone post some high res screenshot?" that's my fav thread, that's my fav thread even before i was sign up( that's true) and now i created a new Ver of it for DOTM screenshot( u know that thread) but now some how they merge our thread with eachother
    4. Minh'T
    5. Necro Prime
      Necro Prime
      The day before my birthday, Sweet!
    6. Necro Prime
      Necro Prime
      I love your Sig. Heres to Dream Theater!
    7. FanimusMaximus
      Thanks, honestly I'm surprised no one else has done this yet.
    8. Gen. Magnus
      Gen. Magnus
      Thanks. I felt the image was iconic enough to be recognizable but begging for Erector parody.
    9. grayman
      Thanks man. I feel the same way. There is so much wisdom in those few words.
      who do ya think would make a good third member to FREAK 3, BUCKETHEAD (MY GOD), JOHN 5 and....!?!?!?
    11. Hyperoptic
      Thanks man :)
    12. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      H**y shit thanks!
    13. Vladakris
      Strange everyone ive picked up has played like a dream. I wanted purple, but all they had for actual sale was the Paul Allender one, as much as I love his guitar playing, I dont like the black burst edging around the sides I like a solid quilt. Alrighty will do, whats your facebook?
    14. Vladakris
      Ahh I love basswood its a good balance. Ive had a great day, I got a PRS ive been wanting. Its a Custom 24, with Blue Quilted top. I picked it up in a shop today. Ive kinda got an obsession with PRS after picking up this one today its just great.
    15. Vladakris
      Yea the one with the Flaked purple finish, I like how the PUP selector is on the horn thats very functional for me at least. Though I believe its mahogany, and im an Alder guy myself.
    16. Vladakris
      Yeah its a new model, I fell in love with it. The edge bridge from Ibanez is nice. I really cant stand Floyds though. I havent played any Music Man guitars yet, but I wana play one especially that new Petrucci model, but who am I kidding I dont think I could ever afford that.
    17. Vladakris
      Damn those are some amazing guitars as is Petrucci. Right now ive got 3 guitars. An ESP ltd Viper 100fm, then an Ibanez PGM, its some Paul Gilbert model without the tremolo, and an Ibanez RG. Im trying to get the new Ibanez Darkstone, its probably in my opinion the perfect guitar for me at least. I dont really like trems.
    18. Vladakris
      Nice to see a fellow guitar player, is that a Music Man in your sig?
    19. Erector
    20. Dran0n
      Fokin' prawns.
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    Just a dude trying to make his way in the universe.