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Wreck and...have a kip

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Oct 26, 2021 at 10:30 AM
    1. podleian
      Certainly am. I don't have a preorder in yet, though. I should probably fix that!
    2. Basilisk
      Bet you're just as excited as me for the new Leader Class Magnus
    3. Basilisk
      I'd love it if the first one was real, the Inferno mold's truck mode suits Magnus perfectly! The Second one is awesome because the Car Carrier looks like an actual car carrier!
    4. podleian
      Thanks for those, that first one is amazing!
    5. Basilisk
    6. Basilisk
      Ah the War Within design always looked like Armada Prime had an accident to me still looks pretty awesome.

      Yeah it's odd he can hold the sword no problem and it plugs everywhere else normally but on the hole it's supposed to sit inside for Helicopter mode is too tight so I'll have to sand it down what a bizzarre QC issue though apparently a few other Springers have had this problem.
    7. podleian
      I'll have to keep an eye out for United. I've seen a few KOs, but not the real deal, or, at least, not for a good price.

      I found War Within Titanium on Amazon for a decent price last night, and realised that I had enough Amazon vouchers to cover it, so he's on the slow boat from Japan right now!

      Sorry, I didn't read about Springer properly. The chopper blade on mine has a standard 5mm post, and fits in no problem at all. Will it fit into Springer's other 5mm ports ok?
    8. Basilisk
      Sorry I was unclear for the Helicopter mode getting the handle of the Propeller into the hole is a bit tricky because it's super tight and I'm worried it's gonna do some damage so I'm wondering if it's worth shaving that handle down or not. I currently just manage to shove it in then use a screw driver to push it out.

      United Magnus is probably the best version I've seen of the Classics OP mold as the White Optimus I wasn't fond on how the 2006 version kept the blue legs.

      I really wanted to get Mebusta for my FOC Ultra Magnus but I'm kinda put off by the fact that the trailer piece isn't available still an awesome robot though.
    9. podleian
      It took me a while to get used to stowing Springer's sword, but I don't really have a problem with it now. I slot the tip in (obligatory fnar) and then line up the pommel, then fold the kneecaps down over it.

      Thanks for the kind words. I don't have United Magnus; I'll have to look out for him, but I've never seen him for sale. I have 3 classics Magnii; one in the City Commander armour, one that Pumkingonzo did a wonderful custom paint job for, and a spare I got in a job lot. I don't really collect white Prime style ones, especially since I would have to get MP02 if I did; I want every armoured one, though. If I saw a United for a good price, I'd have it.

      I'm going to redo the pic tomorrow, since it is very out of date now!
    10. Basilisk
      Didn't see your reply that's an awesome collection you seem to have almost every Magnus! do you have the United Ultra Magnus?

      Also I actually wanted to ask you something else I'm wondering if it's worth shaving the handle of Springer's sword's handle so the Propeller isn't so hard to put in and take out what did you do? Or does your Springer not have that problem?
    11. podleian
      Hi Basilisk, I need to update it and put a decent pic in the collections forum, but here is one I took a few months ago.

      [IMG] (click to embiggen)

      I have acquired Universe Magnus, Takara Animated Leader and the G2 eHobby exclusive.
    12. Basilisk
      Hey, do you have a picture of your Ultra Magnus collection? I'm just interested in seeing it :P
    13. wasp819
      hellllllo buddy boy,
      stick a quick pm in my box letting me know how things are with yourself, what you've been up to these past few months and stuff..
    14. Jason Blue Boost
      Jason Blue Boost
      Sorry, please resend, all clear.
    15. pumpkingonzo
      Hope things work out mate. Hopefully you'll be able to clear your head of bile, then relax more. Your job sounded extremely stressful.
      Thanks for the tip on the game. I'll certainly check it out.
      How's the PS4 going?
    16. pumpkingonzo
      McSwipe certainly sounds interesting :)
      How are things now, and also, how's the PS4?
    17. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      Just read about your work.
      I don't really know what to say...
      Mate, sounds bloody hard.
      If you ever want to talk you know where I am.
      Take care :)
    18. Vanessa
      Hi Rob,

      Thank you for your kind help and advice. Its much appreciated!

      I will try out what you suggested, and hopefully some posted images will be the happy result.

      Kind regards,

    19. Rotorstorm
      Yeah, I had seen it, just was late at night so I forgot about it the next morning, I'll have a look tomorrow and see if I an find it. If i can find all three of the left launchers i see no problem in helping you out. Got a Rotorstorm I'm keeping as stock, one I'm customising and my childhood junker you see.
    20. Tarrn
      Hey, still looking for Hexatron? I have a boxed (not sealed, but in decent nick) one I could part with, but how much were you looking to spend? I don't think I can justify giving this one away as a gift. :p
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