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Sep 15, 2020 at 7:23 PM
    1. biscuits
      Hey plymouth youve done what i did the first time. i didnt know you had posted the message until i checked your file. what you do is click on view conversation and post the message from there and then it tells me if i have a message. but mistakes are made! AA was really good. im skint now so i cant go and get jetfire a fter AA. i got a countdown complete with box for £50 though. happy hunting in places!
    2. plymouth
      Hiya! Sorry I've not replied sooner! Not been on here for a good while! I've been working heaps of overtime! Not been online much in general. Still been checking out shops on my lunch hour but not bought much either.
      I would've liked to go to AA cos it sounds pretty cool but not got hols yet n wouldn't be able to get time off work!
      As an aside if your interested in Leader Jetfire he's in stock in Forbidden Planet in Aberdeen for £44.99. American packaging I think as there's no bilingual writing on it. Not sure if that's the standard release everywhere though.
      Argos have him in stock online but not in stores. However I've just reserved him in the Trinity Centre as he's due there tomorrow! I'm just away to post this in the uk sightings page but thought I'd let you know first!
      Hope you enjoy AA!!
    3. biscuits
      Hey havnt heard from you for a while. you going to AA?
    4. ninety
      Hi man, just saw your post in the UK thread, when were you in TRU?
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