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Apr 29, 2021
Nov 26, 2007
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Plastic Man

The Man in Black

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Apr 29, 2021
    1. Superquad7
      Don't forget: EAT MORE CHICKEN!

    2. Dran0n
      Y-Your signature.
    3. Nachtsider
      Hey man, I'm glad you liked my mask. It's made to order, courtesy of the very talented Erika Downey, whose stuff you can view here:


      Cost me a little over $200, which I had to save up for over three weeks, but it was worth every penny. :)
    4. PORTER
      Hey man, what new TFs are you having trouble finding?
      i may be able to help as i found darkmount and cybertronian soundwave recently.
      ive heard they are hard to track down in retail.

      your fellow as of last season ex~cavs fan
    5. FreshDebesh
      That's a convenient number he's switching to because thats coincidentally how many rings Kobe will have by the end of next season :)
    6. FreshDebesh
      Ok, got the new thread up. Post away. Better hold on tight to your LeBron jersey :lol
    7. FreshDebesh
      I was thinking of starting a new thread. Once the Draft starts, we can make a 2010-2011 NBA thread.
    8. NSP
      Its cool to see another Plastic Man fan! :)
    9. setphazertostun
      if you need some Wally world wave 10 DCUC still then pm me...
    10. Coeloptera
      Not a biologist, but I was a mortician, was pre-med in college before switching, and keep up because I know how to read and understand research papers. So my educational background in bio, chem, anatomy, and biochem is fairly extensive.
    11. Plastic Man
      Plastic Man
      Thanks man. I was bummed that he broke but I'm happy there's a way to fix him. I haven't even started yet, but when I do, I'm sure I'll ask for your advice. Even though your a Lakers fan!
    12. FreshDebesh
      Hey dude, if you need help repairing G1 Mirage, I'm your man. I've been putting together a few Mirages and repairing some over the last couple of months and I know the figure inside out. If you have any questions lemme know. I'll help you even though you're a Cavs fan :p
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