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    1. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Hey, Scarlet and I are prepping to take on Azdaha so just wanted to know if you want in.
      1. PlanckEpoch
        Not home yet unfortunately. If you can go without me go ahead. Work has been chaotic thanks to the heat wave and record sick call ins.
        Jun 28, 2021
      2. Autobot Burnout
        Autobot Burnout
        Ooof, that sucks, good luck out there!
        Jun 28, 2021
    2. Intalex
      Hey, when do you anticipate your Unicron will arrive?
      1. PlanckEpoch
        No clue. During 1st Q 2021 is the estimated release so any time between Jan. and Mar. 2021.
        Oct 6, 2020
    3. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      You have your profile gender set to male but the two pics I've seen have you in skirts. I am confused lol.
      1. PlanckEpoch
        I'm an aspiring drag show. ;)
        Jun 4, 2020
      2. Autobot Burnout
        Autobot Burnout
        <insert thumbs up emoji here>
        Jun 4, 2020
    4. Azuzu98
      I've been wondering...what's your profile picture supposed to be? I'm really curious.
      1. PlanckEpoch
        A regular ol' plumbus!
        May 3, 2020
      2. Azuzu98
        I looked it up, and I'm even more confused now than before... Thanks by the way!
        May 4, 2020
    5. Snake_eyes1975
      nice job on the review bro. I read it and felt like you were telling me over the phone.
    6. Basilisk
      Really wish Hasbro gave us the option to get Blast Off and Groove. I don't mind having two Bruticuses but I don't feel it's worth me having two Defensors just for the sake of Groove.
    7. Thunderthruster
      Love the AppleJack avater, dude. My fave FiM character!
    8. ZapRowsdower
      Thanks for the friendly reply in the TF UK Toy Fair 2015 thread! :D I appreciate the nice response, as I didn't think you specifically meant to offend anyone. Let's be pals! :)
      (Oh, and you're right - the 1-steppers aren't as bad as I complain! :lol I've just had some bad experiences that left a sour taste in my mouth).
    9. Fallout
      cool, thanks for the responses! i'll definitely keep all that in mind. the whole Orion Pax angle would really just be a quick flashback that explains the history of the war, like the first five or ten minutes of the first movie (Orion Pax and Megatron fighting together, Megatron's betrayal, Orion becomes Optimus Prime and takes the Matrix to earth). i'm saving the second half of 2 and first half of 3 for the WWII story which is a big thing which is why it stretched the whole plot to four movies, lol.
    10. Fallout
      cool stuff, thanks!

      1) Would you rather have Optimus Prime die of battle wounds ala 86 movie or sacrifice himself to definitely kill Megatron?
      2) Do you like the TF1 Bumblebee/Sam relationship enough to keep it or would Bumblebee be better off made into Hot Rod?
      3) Do you think between four movies there is reasonable time to explain things such as how Orion Pax became Optimus Prime or elaborate on moral ambiguity in the Autobots?
      4) Would you rather Starscream have a more G1 body based off of HFTD Terradive or a realistic jet mode using ROTF Thrust in grey?
      5) Is 57 characters between four movies too many?
    11. Fallout
      hey brother, sorry if this is a weird question but do you mind if i ask a dew questions? i'm doing a movie reboot in a few years and want some input from fans. that cool with you?
    12. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Hey bro, How's everything going?.
    13. Fallout
      it's the modern one. and if you find a snarl or hot shot or something and wanna trade just let me know!
    14. Fallout
    15. oku
      Do you still need a Cyberverse Hatchet by any chance?
    16. AgentAlabama113
      Ok. Thanks. :thumb
    17. AgentAlabama113
      So, a clip is like what you would put into a M1-Garand and a magazine is what you would put in a M16?
    18. AgentAlabama113
      People using "clip" when they mean to say "magazine."

      They're not the same goddamn thing goddamn it! Design wise and functionally, they're completely different and not interchangeable at all! I blame Hollywood and video games for this.

      Can you please explain the difference?
    19. Snake_eyes1975
      All the shoot and scoot stuff is fun as hell. Ive done a few, and at our own shooting spot, we make our stuff!!
    20. Snake_eyes1975
      CPL holder, My carry pieces are all Para Ordnance. My fav pistol I own is my Para P12 single action. Its a double stack .45 that shoots like a laser.

      Yea..I live it and breath it bro.
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