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Apr 18, 2024 at 7:25 AM
    1. Master Disaster
      Master Disaster
      The one in the review! I enjoy relaxing with a drink and a game of random review roulette, and this one reminded me of a shameful gap in my collection! :)
    2. Master Disaster
      Master Disaster
      Yay for Random Reviews! I just got Gen. Warpath! Now I need the actual figure...
    3. Snake_eyes1975
      Where are you located? If your in the US, Ill ship it to ya, let you review it and check it out if you want. I got MP tracks and Poison bite the same day..I CANT put PB down. So much fun. The other ones done look great, but PB is really sweet. If not I could take pics for ya. Mabye let you do the comments or something.

    4. Snake_eyes1975
      do you have poison bite?
    5. Snake_eyes1975
      killer. Thanks much dude. Im gunna hit that place hard. I love your site. Lots of fun.

      Take care bro, Mabye ill snap pics of what I end up with. I LOVE poison bite. Thats just fun stuff.

    6. Snake_eyes1975
      hey bro! still love your reviews!
      A local comic shop got a SHITLOAD of BW in. All opened but look nice. I just got that Poison bite I wanted for $20! Do you have a list of the "top 20" or so BW figsa I should look for? I like ones like Rampage (Still trying my ass off to find a nice one..) Depthcharge..poison bite..some of the ones in your reviews too.

      Thanks dude! hope all is great with ya!

    7. Master Disaster
      Master Disaster
      Well then, it was probably you. I've changed it to a link now anyway, and I hope to buy you each a pint someday!
    8. Master Disaster
      Master Disaster
      I think.

      Limewire is a name which comes to mind, but I believe he's the guy who does crazy customs.
    9. Master Disaster
    10. Master Disaster
      Master Disaster
      Just noticed this message! Ha, yeah, I was amused by that one. Hope you don't mind me using it, I wasn't sure what to do about crediting as I couldn't remember if it was you or the other one! I love reading your reviews, the site is on my favourites. I do miss the random review thing, even though it was always the usual suspects ;).

      Cheers mate,

    11. Snake_eyes1975
      Glad your back! I havent seen your retro reviews in awhile. Since I started watching your retro reviews, theres a few BW guys I want now. Not sure if you reviewed him, but I want to find Poison Bite. he looks sweet. Take care!
    12. Rewind Eject
      Rewind Eject
      I just wanted to say that I loved your Human in Disguise story, and I'm very thrilled with the sequel. I found it odd that no one never commented.
    13. ThinkTank Customs
    14. TrueNomadSkies
      Love your BW reviews, yo.:)
    15. Cerberus
      3 more review translated this week end, all g1
    16. Cerberus
    17. Cerberus
      Then, i have a lot to do lol, i'll start with a Shockwave, catch you later
    18. Cerberus
      hey, if you are interresed in french translation for your reviews, let me know ;)
    19. Matt Booker
      Matt Booker
      Keep up the great reviews! :)

      ~Matt Booker
    20. MaverickPrime
      hey Phil, I just saw your review of PCC Smolder and Chopster and I saw that you said that the PCC are in no continuity so far, But I found this video in youtube that shows that they´re part of the Movie universe.
      I´ll leave the link here
      YouTube - ‪# 9 TRANSFORMERS Cyber Missions #9 (English)‬‎
      keep up the awesome page you have!!!
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