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    1. Toei
      Can I get some answers?
    2. Toei
      Did you get my PM earlier? If so, then is that payment plan okay?
    3. Superquad7
      :lol I like my caption better :wink:
    4. Superquad7
      I think you need to change your siggy to say "FORTRESS MAXIMUS: COMING TO SQ7'S MAILBOX IN 2010" :wink:

    5. BlackzaraK
      I will take your blue omega mib can you pm for for details? For some reason I can't pm you
    6. Superquad7
      Hehe, I just want our house back in order so I can do some customs :lol

      I have to say that the FM is an awesome project! Christmas is around the corner, ya know :wink:
    7. Superquad7
      Your Fort Max continues to look great :thumb
    8. G1Trypticon
      yo dude it has been awhile since i talked to you last on the matrix of leadership boxset. What are the epsiodes like and did they fix that heavy metal war episode i know it had some animation errors in it. Did they fix season 3 animation errors and do they have the five faces of darkness intro for the five faces of darkness episodes.
    9. G1Trypticon
      alright but can you keep me updated on what the seasons and episodes are liek and what the booklet is like i'm really interested in it.
    10. TransFan1996
    11. G1Trypticon
      but have you looked inside the booklet what character informations they have.
    12. G1Trypticon
      you are the only person i know who has the g1 matrix of leadership boxset. can you answer me the following questions about this boxset. Do they still ahve the american soundtrack for the episodes and do they still ahve the same theme song for each season. Did they fix all the animation errors especially in season three and did they fix all the insecticon animation errors from that season since they died already. Whats is the booklet like do they have episode summaries for all the episodes and do they have character information for all the chatacters in that booklet are the episodes the same and do they still have those transformer bumpers. and did they change the number of sweeps that appeared onscreen sometimes.
    13. cyclonus666
      love then pic of kup, he's my fav
    14. encline
      he complete... well, almost. I gotta get the stacks.
    15. frenzyrumble
      I don't know which signature I like better.
    16. payton34
    17. godwin300
      Hey, I have started the build on Sunstreaker. I am still working on the frame so I don't have pics as of yet. When I get further I will get you some pics. Just wanted to update you.
      Thanks, Todd
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