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    1. GuardianAngel87
      That's what I figure. Damn it. I'm practically a cynic who is getting old when it comes to this franchise at this point. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop trying in regards to expressing my own opinions about Star Wars especially on this site since all it does is causing me nothing but trouble.
    2. GuardianAngel87
      Oh, okay. It honestly seems this way to me. At least in general.

      That's kind of one of the reasons I'm not bothering to see the movie either. Hell, I never even bothered watching Star Wars: Rebels since catching a glimpse of one of the series' episodes of season one on Disney XD. Still kind of hoping for the day this line of thinking for the Star Wars franchise comes and bite the Disney company in the ass in a few years time. Though that's probably just me.
    3. GuardianAngel87
      Hey, you're not alone on not planning to see the new Star Wars film and I am also finding the tie-in promotional stuff involving it very irritating. There is something I really do not get. Why is it when somebody admits to not wanting to this particular film for one reason or another, people act like this person has either suffered a severe case of leprosy or has admitted that he or she is a Nazi? Funny that if somebody doesn't want to see any of the future film or TV Series entries of the MCU or even the latest Pixar movie, nobody bats an eye.
    4. areaseven
      Firefox has several add-ons available that enable you to change your geographical location. There are also a few other add-ons that bypass any geographical blocks on YouTube.
    5. GoLion
      It is. You're a cool dude.
    6. GoLion
      You am to be haven gud posts. Me am laughun at dem.
    7. edgs2099
      Me too. It's probs in my top...5 favorite on again and off again books.
    8. edgs2099
      Hell yes. I don't KNOW know the creative team, but we chat from time to time. You?
    9. GuardianAngel87
      I meant that I haven't checked out and read any superhero comics as of late. I'm still planning to get a decent amount of trades involving classic runs of the characters like Deadpool. I am interested in reading about Chuck Dixon's run on Nightwing which took place long before the New-52 reboot since the trades for them are getting a re-release. That goes for a few non-superhero comics too like the IDW's own re-release trades of the original run of Transformers from Marvel and some select manga titles like Fullmetal Alchemist and Blue Exorcist.
    10. GuardianAngel87
      Yeah, pretty much. Star Wars just happens to be one of the worst along with a few others that don't need to be mentioned. And that's not even getting into the shipping aspect in the fandoms which is a whole other can of worms that I don't want to see open.

      Funny thing is I barely glance at superhero comics outside of some select titles from DC, Marvel, and a little bit from Dark Horse and the story arcs that I consider to be noteworthy especially if it involves any of my favorite characters and/or if it's written by one of my favorite writers. At least not in these days anyway.
    11. GuardianAngel87
      There's one more thing I like to add. It's that I believe that the Star Wars fans/OT purists have far less to bitch about than they like to pretend they do.
    12. GuardianAngel87
      Yeah, I'm actually aware of the flaws and even understand some of its complaints people do seem to have myself even within the context. But then again, what series/franchise doesn't have any flaws?

      Like you, I really want to enjoy what I can for stuff I love though I also like to focus on the positive aspects of my favorite series/franchises rather than the negative. I also really can't blame the people who wanted try out the movies and cartoons for the first time ended up being completely driven away from being interested in them because their fanbases are just so damn unpleasable and people constantly jumping down on their throats for daring to not to conform to having the same exact opinions of everybody else's and being completely disrespect to them because of it do not help. It's really sad that sane, rational, and open-minded fans are something of a minority especially when it comes to Star Wars and that, in of itself, is depressing.

      Anyway, you're welcome. :)
    13. autotronprime
      The antenna proved to be too thin and either brittle or too soft depending on the material. So I removed them from the store.
    14. GuardianAngel87
      Hey, sorry about you having to deal with my rambling which I'm pretty sure either you or some people might this to be extremely annoying. I've been holding it in for pretty much a whole year. And now, I am officially considering myself to be a Fan Hater.
    15. GuardianAngel87
      I wish I knew. Before the Internet, I was very ignorant of the fanbase's (at least half of it anyway) reception of the prequel film trilogy since the people I talk to during school and elsewhere really love these films just as much as the original trilogy. I grew up with both trilogies and it's seriously depressing. I see a lot of Star Wars fans to be a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites who believe that they are entitled to everything they want out of the franchise at the expense of others who loved other aspects of it besides the original trilogy. I feel that the franchise is dead to me. I'm just going to stick to the movies, both Clone Wars cartoons plus the planned story arcs that are/or getting released in book and comics format (assuming if the future ones are ever going happen anytime soon), some select books and comics from the old Expanded Universe that took place before and after the events of the movies with my own head-canons into the mix, thank you very much.
    16. Autovolt 127
    17. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      it's 3rd party shit so no. :p
    18. FanimusMaximus
      Chainchop fits you more the Slowpoke.
    19. User_93049
      Over 9000 posts, how does it feel?
      Is that like an inside joke or something?
    20. KnightHawkke
      Inside joke.
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