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Sep 19, 2012
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Apr 17, 2019
    1. craftsmith
      Wierdest long term enabling ever, I finally bought a happy q bots panda from sirtoys....... I blame you entirely :lol
    2. TigerBlade
      Transformers Masterpiece MP-18S Silver Streak Fairlady Z Tokyo In Stock | eBay

    3. Sweeny
      Hope she had a good b'day then. That's hilarious about the boxes though, you should have said 'they're nothing to do with me' and see the reaction :)

      Yeah Addingham sounds a good idea, enjoy! I'm cycling up in the Dales to Kidstones pass (near Leyburn) with my brother and some mates. Should watch it with the family on Sunday but it depends how bad the rain is.

      Are you still loving Scoria? Rodimus Prime Alt turned up from Optimushed and its a great figure - really like it.

      Been a busy week so sorry for the late reply.
    4. Sweeny
      Hey. That's great news on Scoria glad you got a good one. Pretty cool that your lass doesn't mind the dinobots - I've no chance the kids would be all over the Dino's :)
      Yeah your description has me drooling, been excited about this one ever since it was announced. 'Blacking up' sounds soooo wrong! Heavy Noisy does look good, I'm almost tempted - even with my space shuttle obsession Air Burst didn't quite make the mark - at half the price then definitely but this hobby is so expensive that we have to pick targets carefully.
      Yeah Optimushed has been incredibly generous - I gave him a few more salt and pepper squirrels as it felt like I was robbing him!
    5. Sweeny
      Hey mate, I take it yours arrived? What's your opinion on him? No, mine is delayed from Omegalock :( The rib is almost there mate but no doubt the weight of all that metal in Scoria may have put my back out instead, so probably for the best lol. How's trix otherwise?
    6. wasp819
      Dude was it you who offered me fansproject assaulter a couple of months ago?
      why cant I remember who it was:)
    7. Sweeny
      Yeah the face is going to make or break it but with a coloured prototype will change opinions I guess. Bionic eyes sounds a bit Terminator-ish so I'll go with that rather than pig eyes. :) They've been better since I stopped using my phone for the internet and the boards so will use the laptop at home more. It's like Hasui has decided this week is Masterpiece week - can't believe how good Wheeljack looks. They did the full decor and wheels- amazing!
    8. Sweeny
      Fnar fnar :lol Got an appointment on 2nd April to find out more but my eyes are getting blurry reading stuff and watching TV/VDUs so not good pal. Its been getting worse since November but have had the problem a few years. How things? Have I missed much? Saw the MP Bee pics and love it - what's your opinion on it?
    9. craftsmith
      everytime I see a post by you I giggle like a schoolboy..........pandagash ...epic name. Thanks for the laugh, I take it the signature pic is a transformer with said name.
    10. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      Know what you mean about Christmas. It would've been my Dads birthday in a few days, then 5 years since.....
      Yeah, not nice. The first Christmas was the worst if I'm being honest (sorry) It never goes away, but changes slightly in time.
      I'm always here if you ever want to talk about anything.
      I've got 3 days to work next week, then after 14 years that's me done. Feels very strange!
      I'm lucky as I've got loads of commissions I'm currently doing, and have booked in.
      Plus numerous eBay customs either started or planned.
      I'll work very hard, and it should be an exciting new era for me.
      Take care mate.
    11. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      How are things with you?
    12. pumpkingonzo
      I'm ok, thanks.
      One funeral Tuesday, the other the following Tuesday.
      Shitty days in work to come also. I'd love/wish I could go full time customising/commission work. It's going great. Its my ambition. However, I'd be worried about making enough money to survive. The bare minimum I'd be happy with, as long as it could pay the mortgage and bills.
      Anyway, enough of my crap.
      Friday would've been horrible for you.
      I remember my Dads funeral. I was strong all the way up to that day, then rather crumbled.
      You might find you go through different stages, at different times.
      I won't lie, it's a hard road.
      Thoughts really go out to you.
      Take care mate, and if you ever want to chat about anything I'm always here.
    13. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      Thinking of you.
    14. Sweeny
      Hi mate, how was New York?
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