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    1. Paladine
      It's a perl script that gets run through w3m to convert the page into text. Then the pages are diff'd. If there's a difference, it sends an email.

      On my phone, I installed Tasker & K9 email. K9 email connects to my IMAP email server so it gets instant notifications of a new email. The Tasker detects the email via K9, and dials a number. I did this because I work in a classified area with no access to the Internet. I do have a unclassified phone however, so if I happened to be working in there, my phone would have rang.

      I was toying with the idea of expanding my solution so that it could email multiple subscribers. Maybe even providing a web system where you can create and delete monitored web pages
    2. Dormamu
      So what did you write your script in for your auto-notification?
    3. [Wing_Saber-X]
      Hey dude, thought id let you know that there is a Car Robots Baldigus giftset for sale:
      Baldigus Combiner Set D-011 Transformers Takara | eBay
      Cheers, man. :D
    4. Da_Last_2_Walk

      Da King has granted your wish!
    5. Paladine
      Hi netkid.

      I sold the 4 larger blue-backed ones, but I still have the smaller red-backed ones. They're still available if you're interested!
    6. netkid
      Hi, did you sell all your Samurai Jack toys yet?
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