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May 27, 2024 at 6:55 AM
    1. MasterxBlaster
      Bay Area Collectors Meet Up
    2. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      would be nice to have pics to show. Q_Q I hope I can find my own soon.
    3. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Hey you bought Metalhead?
      Can you take pics of him and show off the articulation? I haven't found any pics outside of ebay auctions.
    4. GinnaKaboom
      Surprisingly enough, no. My name came from the fact that I'd been watching one of my Animaniacs DVDs earlier in the day and couldn't get the theme song from the segment Katie Ka-Boom out of my head. ;) "Her family knows that anytime soon, their little lady Katie goes...KA BOOM!". Ginna being my name and not Katie, it was more fitting to go the real name route on it.
    5. SALI
      Hey there, do u still need Gen Soundwave?
    6. Haloid1177
      Whooooooo, both of those went up in price. Still would like to find some of his original weapons, though, since I really like his AK-47s he originally came with. Thanks for the input.
    7. Haloid1177
      What bike do you have Marvel Legends Deadpool on? I am getting one with basically no weapons, so I bike would help offset the lack of accessories.
    8. UnicronFTW
      Hey, you're not staff or a supporter... nor do you have news credits. How you get a custom title>? D8
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