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Jun 23, 2024 at 5:04 AM
    1. SydneyY
      no worries! The place looks very quiet now though :redface2:
    2. SydneyY

      Just a quick heads-up regarding the Australia and New Zealand members social group -

      You can now post a thread in the social group, it's more like a mini forum rather than a wall. Feel free to post any topic you would like (non-TF topics very welcome :)).

    3. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Your Welcome

      Can't complain Orbital. But I did move units in January and now I am living over the road from where I was
    4. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Hey Orbital there is a new social group formed by SydneyY called the Aus and New Zealand TF club why not check it out
    5. eagc7
      okay that fine, but still lennxo was calling for skdis and mudflap has this was Clear up on the spanish dub of ROTF and he used teh male Meaning of twisn for thsi dub
    6. eagc7
      Same story with the Arcee twins.
      they not wins, they TWINS That lennxo was callnig for were the true twisn skids and mudflap
    7. Poho
      no way! that's totally awesome! have to buy myself a DS now lol.
    8. Poho
    9. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      :redface2:Hi Orbital, I hate to be a pain and I know that you have a lot of studies to get through for your finals, I have some Pictures for Lord Optimus but I don't know how to send them via photobucket
    10. GAUGE
      To be honest the movie stff is just too tough for me to take on. :(

      with Jetfire I had alot of help.

      I wish I was an engineer or something, then it would be a little easier.
    11. GAUGE
      I did. and to my amazment my post was deleted. lol

      because they don't want WIPs in there, they want the finished product.
    12. Mechafire
      Alright. Thanks.
    13. Mechafire
      Whoah, holy crap.

      Yeah, hope you don't think I copied yours, I took the one on the front page and edited it...
    14. Peaugh
      I think Jetfire is totally worth picking up.
    15. GAUGE
      Hey, just dropped by to thank you for your words of inspiration back on the 2nd of June man. See ya on the boards hopefully. :)
    16. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Thanks for that picture Orbital
    17. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Orbital I was wondering if you can put a picture onto my thread about the new ROTF posters I saw in the city today
    18. GAUGE
      I'm not posting any fan art here because people keep saying I stole it or insult it.

      It's just not worth it to be honest.
    19. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      I still want to be your friend Orbital I don't know what happened and I had no idea what was going on but like I said I still need your friendship so what do you say
    20. GAUGE
      Yeah, a couple folks tore me down pretty good so I took off for awhile to cool off.

      But I figure I'll just hang here and stay away from doing TF Fanart for awhile til things die away and then maybe i'll pick up where I left off ya know.
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