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I like the red water

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Jul 20, 2021
    1. OrionsBelt
      What other good TV series has there been besides the G1? Wasn't there a CGI series at one time?
    2. OrionsBelt
      I was watching a clip of the old show, and, well, this was funny!
      YouTube - ‪weird/funny transformers scene‬‏
    3. OrionsBelt
      WOW. So, Optimus does have a sense of humor after all. I've been watching some of the G1 series, and it just seemed that OP was a bit of a stiff. I can understand why, but still.....Any more funnies you can recall? I already did see the one where OP crashed into the train, which I thought was hilarious.
    4. OrionsBelt
      Hey, where in Transformers was your favorite quote initiated?
    5. Metal Chaos
      Metal Chaos
      So do I, so do I. Though I feel a subform/section would be better suited for it. Individual Threads, Pictures, Recipes, all that would just look cluttered on a social group page. If I had the money I'd just make my own site, a Geek Cuisine site, full of geeky recipes and nerdy references.
    6. Wars
      Finishing my tenth year excluding preschool, or play school as we call it here in Ireland.
    7. Wars
      Yeah, I'll be finishing second year, which will have been my tenth year in school, don't know what that would be in america. I have tests starting next Wednesday and then they finish on 2nd of June.
    8. Wars
      I haven't gotten anything yet either, unfortunately. I have to get birthday presents for my Mum and my Best Friend first, and I wont be able to get anything until time end of the month, two and a half weeks from now. I'm thinking of going out on the 2nd June to get some stuff. Last day of school and all.

      And the whole not being able to drive thing can be a pain in the ass sometimes cant it? You want to go somewhere, but you know you cant.
    9. Wars
      I just posted in the Tech Support board asking how to create a social group for us U18 fans! I'll let you know when its up!
    10. Wars
      Glad to hear that. Mine was pretty good.

      I got RTS deluxe Prime and HFTD deluxe Terradive. Both pretty cool. I also got lots of moneys, but most of it went to a new camera. But I have fifty euro left for when the 16th comes round!

      And you've given me ideas!
    11. Minnemagnus
      I don't remember if I got Galvatron because I wanted to or cause I had to, but yeah I like him. One of my favorite moments is how he's so stubborn about joining Optimus. Megatron/Galvatron is also influential in helping shape Starscream/ Thundercracker's character and Thundercracker is my favorite character from Armada.
    12. Minnemagnus
      Sorry if that was weird, but I like sending friend requests to people who I randomly have something in common with. I noticed that Armada Megatron was your first transformer and Armada Galvatron was one of my first. Basically, in my head I said, "This guy grew up with Armada so he must be cool"!
    13. TacomaPrime
      lol. It's all good. No one can schmooze me. I have to make it fair.
    14. Wars
      Awesome dude! High five!
    15. TacomaPrime
      Ha! Thanks. Not really doing it for any reason other then I know how much it sucks to have to scour the frickin world for certain figures. I have had to pay through the nose for a couple figs and thought instead of letting some scalper screw someone out of alot of their hard earned money, that I would try to help out some of the people on here who can't seem to find him. Good luck to you!
    16. ILoveDinobot
    17. ILoveDinobot
      I never heard of Rick Astley before, is he popular or something? I feel bad I don't know who he is :lol.

      EDIT: Is that guy singing in the video Rick Astley? I'm confused because the voice doesn't look like it's coming out of that kid. Seems too deep for him. Though he kind of reminds of cyclops for some reason.

      EDIT EDIT: So you posted that video in the thread I posted? I like that song but it doesn't remind me of Beast Wars :|
    18. ILoveDinobot
      Didn't see it sorry. What does rick rolled mean?
    19. ILoveDinobot
      I have no idea what you are talking about. What thread?
    20. eagc7
      yeah it is
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