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The new Bumblebee designs look good, but I'm not tempted by the figures. However if they do a Disney tie-in Herbie deco I'd be all over it! Oct 8, 2018

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Jul 28, 2021 at 5:34 PM
    1. Superquad7
      Yeah, this is rocking hard. I'll be glad to keep adding more when you have 'em :)
    2. Superquad7
      Wow. Just wow man.

      I love you.
    3. Superquad7
    4. pumpkingonzo
      I've done a few MP11's haven't I?! :)
      MP cars I love painting as well. Life is good thanks. Hegemon ebay listing has been a bit of a pain, that aside things are excellent :)
    5. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      Been a while...
      How are things?
    6. Superquad7
    7. Superquad7
      I'll move the thread to customs, as it's a "Creative" thread anyways. But yeah, when/if you add more, just shoot me a message here so I can update the resource :)
    8. Superquad7
    9. Superquad7
      I really have a feeling that we'll never see an official Masterpiece Reflector release. Replicating your custom has certainly been swirling around in my mind :)
    10. Superquad7
      Really dig your work on Red. As if it weren't enough that I want a set of those "MP" Reflector bots...! :lol
    11. Maz
      I posted in the thread, hope it helps although I'm not 100% on those assumptions I've made :)
    12. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      hmm okay. Yeah you're right, but yeah that'll do the trick since we've already got the placement for the bumper in both modes. Ta bud :)
      The position of the stick on the moveable bumper part, its length and the radius of the ball is pretty much all I'd need to figure it out I think.
    13. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Y'know, that's probably why I've got 2.5mm more than you :p How stupid of me, considering the pictures are right there in the WIP and you can clearly see the gap in bot mode...lol At least I won't have to remeasure and redraw chunks of the torso!

      But yes, another one of your little diagrams with the dimensions and locations of the ball and socket on their respective platforms would be much appreciated.
    14. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      I surrender! I've redrawn the ball-socket joint in the bumper quite a few times but never gotten it right, I can only surmise the neck of the joint is such a length that there's a gap between the static part and the neckplate part in robot mode.

      I'ma need the dimensions of your ball joint and the location of your socket joint plsthx
    15. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      I wasn't too confident after I measured the gap and found it to be 21mm myself....so I drew in all the detail into the underside of the bonnet and stuff looks okay. How far recessed are the tips of your bumper guard? They recess 1mm on my render right now, just wanna check that's right. If it is...well, I guess we're good! I'll upload the shot of the bumper-bonnet interaction internals to the WIP.
    16. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Right, I'm confused by something with the bumper :p The bumper piece works out at 35.5mm wide, 0.5mm shorter than the static portion. Is this right? Is yours just 0.25mm shorter either side and you have it centred?
    17. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Wicked, the bumper part's pretty much done then! Working on the neckplate part today, should be done by this evening (got family visiting right now).
    18. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Hey man, just wanted to check something. The depth of the bumper piece fixed to the torso- 8mm? It's the one that's 36mm long and 11m wide.

      Could also do with confirmation of the dimensions of the top of the static bumper part. Your scratchbuild has slightly different dimensions to the stock one so correctly locating the holes isn't easy. I've got them 16.5mm apart, 2mm back from the front of the bumper right now.
    19. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Hey bud, how's your work on Hench going? I'm intrigued to see where you're at.
    20. Arcee Fembot
      Arcee Fembot
      Hello I'm Arcee
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