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The new Bumblebee designs look good, but I'm not tempted by the figures. However if they do a Disney tie-in Herbie deco I'd be all over it! Oct 8, 2018

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Mar 25, 2019 at 1:26 PM
    1. OptimusTimelord
      The new Bumblebee designs look good, but I'm not tempted by the figures. However if they do a Disney tie-in Herbie deco I'd be all over it!
    2. JJohnson
      1. OptimusTimelord
        May 23, 2018
    3. LazyEyebrow
      1. OptimusTimelord
        Oh man, that's awesome! :thumb
        Aug 11, 2017
    4. Chillyn
      How's it going brotha. Just seen your animation of the comic cover. Sick as hell. Where can I see more of your work. I graduated with a bachelor's in animation , (altho I switched to graphic design) so I can appreciate the struggle :D
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      2. OptimusTimelord
        I work pretty old school, just a digital camera to take the pics (figures lined up by eye using freeze frames of the toon for reference), then all the compositing and effects is done in Photoshop.
        May 23, 2017
      3. Chillyn
        Oh man, your insane. If you can get a hold of After effects it will make life way easier. You can create dynamic links with photoshop that will update your layers live. It's great for streamlining. You can also do the same with premiere and have dynamic links between photoshop and aftereffects. Works nice because you don't have to keep rerendering your footage so no loss in quality.
        May 23, 2017
      4. Chillyn
        But I mean you got this down,.if it ain't broke, don't fix it right lol
        May 23, 2017
    5. Jet
      it has not came
    6. Jet
      Hey did you get my Pm my inbox is acting up
    7. Snake_eyes1975
      Dude! I said awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww time Lord mutha mutha!!

      Just dropped in to say your officially famous! I was cruising thru flipboard, and one of the topics I follow is transformers, right on its own flip page was your mini episode with Soundwave, Rumble, starscream, and Megatron. Pretty cool dude!

      Anyways, just wanted to let you know I seen it somewhere else... Its going viral!
    8. DinobotGrimlock
      Hey I love your videos. I saw you posting in the toy scene recreations thread and want to tell you how awesome they are. Also way to represent the Chosen Prime. Which reflector are you going to pick up/ use?
    9. AmonDemon112
      YES Skywarp is definitely worth it! The purple on it is gorgeous! but yeah i need to get those stripes off mine when it gets here. its going to irritate the hell out of me on the MP shelf lol! so you used rubbing alcohol do get the silver stripes off the arms? what % did you use? thanks for getting back to me btw! can't stop staring at your Skywarp pics! so well done!
    10. AmonDemon112
      hey again, thank you so much for sharing with me about your wonderful Mp-11 Skywarp. i regrettably sold mine back in March(in hopes of a ko or a cheaper official Takara release) and it doesn't feel right building an MP Decepticon army without Skywarp! i finally ordered one again a few days ago and I'm eagerly anticipating it! and taking your advice to heart on this one!
    11. AmonDemon112
      WOW THATS BEAUTIFUL!!!! well done!!! how did you get the silver stripes off?! i had one back in March and i was only able to get the purple stripes off. also i removed the yellow off the wings. would you mind sharing another pic where its just standing straight?! thanks!
    12. AmonDemon112
      hey again! Tigerblade told me that you customized your Mp-11 Skywarp for g1 accuracy, is that true?! i would love to see!
    13. AmonDemon112
      hey there I saw your MP-11 Starscream in the Masterpiece Appreciation Thread, and really loving what you did with it from what I could see. ive been meaning to paint its hip kibble red, what did you use? did you use a metallic red paint to match its red paint? would like to see more pics for a clearer view of it!
    14. Slave IV
      Slave IV
      Hey, thanks for reaching out! I really love the work you've done since I learned about it. See you around!
    15. Superquad7
      The next animated .gif you make, you should make a tutorial :wink:
    16. Superquad7
    17. Snake_eyes1975
      just wanted to send you a friend request before you get all famous and forget about us lil folk. your GIFs are amazing dude. My son and me enjoy them very much. your last soundwave infiltration is stunning. THANKS!!!
    18. Brum Bot
      Brum Bot
      I meant it mate - I can barely work a laptop never mind anything like the genius you produce, grateful for you sharing your talents :thumb
    19. pokemonsdoom
      your signature both disturbs me and peaks my interest,
    20. Ellamin
      you made an awesome sig with galvaspock, but I think there should be one with sentinel prime too.
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