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    1. OptimusSolo
      Yes and he is very annoying most of the time!
    2. UltraAlanMagnus
      Do you ever heard of a guy Called Mark Marino?
    3. OptimusSolo
      Doing fine :)
    4. UltraAlanMagnus
      Hi There. How are you doing today?
    5. kryptofred
      alright! I'm glad to hear back from you! I figured the by now the answer was no. I'm sure people would be interested, there where thousands of posts before. (even if you take out the SMOG/Sto_ stuff. LOL). And for the most part, even when people disagreed, it stayed pretty civil. You probably heard a lot more grumbling than me but by the second try things were much more organized and easy enough to dismiss if you didn't want to participate. There are always gonna be haters around no matteer what you do but I honestly don't remember another time the General Discussion board was so active. Even the recent fan choice award thing didn't draw in nearly as many people. Not even close. So the participants will far outweigh the detractors. We just need a Mod on board to keep things looking "official" and, more importantly, to keep it organized. There were a few Mods offering some serious arguments at the end there, so how hard could it be to get one?

      I was acctually thinking, to make it simpler you could pit all the 1st round loosers from the 1st tourny against all the 1st round loosers from the 2nd. All charactors that didn't get much disscussion, no leaders or combiners or cities involved and the stats are all already there!

      If you're really not sure, start a disscusion thread about it and see who bites. Or, if you don't want to stick your neck out, I'll start one. But you'd have to post in it or no one would take it too seriously.
    6. TylerMirage
      Oh gosh, sorry it took me so long to respond. :o I didn't realize that you had replied. Sorry. Well, it's not like the images need to be replaced - as of now you have some newer HD images for Optimus, Arcee and Starscream, I believe - but maybe some new ones for Megatron, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Soundwave? The gallery here at TFW has some really cool head shots of the characters that you could use to update the Prime page. You don't have to if you don't want. :)
    7. kryptofred
      Hey man it's getting close to March Madness again, which has made me wonder if another G1 tournament is possible? I was reading through the old mega threads and remembering how much fun it was. Any chance?
    8. OptimusSolo
      Which ones do you think that we have that need replaced??
    9. TylerMirage
      Hey OptimusSolo, have you considered seeing if you could use some of TFW2005's HD Transformers: Prime screencaps for some updated BTVA character images (for Transformers: Prime, obviously)? I mean, only if they allow that sort of thing. :) They're pretty good quality, and there are some really awesome head-shots just waiting to be cropped. ;)
    10. Fiend6669
      I'm so sorry I didn't reply to this sooner, but I had no idea it was there waiting for me all this time. Better late than never, I guess;
      Thanx, and y'know, a compliment from another collector always seems to have more impact to me. There is some method, though without the signage up it's hard to tell, so I edited the pic w/ Super_Megatron in it so it had some labelling.[IMG]
      I'm actually G1 complete [except for a few missing tiny weapons], but the guy I asked to come over with his Digi-cam to take pix already has all of G1 as well, so he wasn't too interested in 'em. But, my G1 wall is organized by the brackets that're holding up the shelves. From right to left there's 84/85, then 86, and so on. The years are sorted in vertical stripes down the wall. I've tried to catalogue them myself, but my camera is my cell phone. There are tags on a lot of the pix I've got on facebook, so it should clear up a lot. Michael TheFiend Haring's Photos | Facebook[IMG]

      Again, sorry for not finding this sooner...
    11. spikex
      Just wanted to say thanks for the hard work and dedication you have put into making these contests a success. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy your down time before the next tourney.
    12. grimlock1972
      the tournament has been awesome and i thank you for putting it on and i am pleased to have you as a friend
    13. Tacitron
      Hey, just wanted to say thank you for doing the tournaments. I think they're really cool.
    14. Crazymadman
      Oh, ok, never mind then. This is the only website I'm on.
    15. Crazymadman
      Would you care if I had a contest thing for video game characters? It's ok if you don't want me to.
    16. Crazymadman
      Hey, if I may ask you a question, do you like video games? I really need to know.
    17. Crazymadman
      Nothing much. What's up with you? When are you bringing back that contest thing? It's so awesome.
    18. Crazymadman
      Hallo? Are you there?
    19. Crazymadman
      Hey, what's up?
    20. Crazymadman
      hey, do you care if i use your contest-thing for the movie or beast wars characters?
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