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Apr 27, 2020
Dec 3, 2006
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Apr 27, 2020
    1. optimusprime42
      i'll talk to her... you two loved each other like elita one and I did
      your still top medic
    2. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      forgive me commander I don't derserve to be medic any more I lost my old fiancée she left me I guess she doesn't want me anymore she is related to you sir I might as well go back to be a single mech who doesn't need no femme in his life
    3. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      oh I just been so jerk in my life I see you come and see me I won't never heal commander sir Im sorry to bother you I might as well take these meds that you told me to take so I will get better *ratchet takes the pills and swallows them and drinks a glass of water and lays back down and shuts his dark blue optics*
    4. Darkest Wolf
    5. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *ratchet awoken up he looks around and see's he at med bay he was hooked up to life support as he saw some figure walk up to him ratchet couldn't talk he had something in his throat as the figure talks to ratchet*
    6. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      commander where what happen to me *ratchet awoken up and looks around and stares at knockout and begins to feel pain*
    7. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *ratchet fell in to deep sleep as he puts his hand on his chest and his commander talks to his other medic knockout about ratchet's future was as optimus prime saw ratchet sleeping heavily on the medical table*
    8. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      commader is that you do think I should stay here at sick bay for a couple weeks till I get better im not still not well I see you want to check on me
    9. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      oh commander is that you im still not well I guess you are checking on me aren't you sir I guess you are moniting my health I can't take this evil spell I have in I know you well old commander you know where my true weak points are real well you can kill me if I attack you when I do
    10. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      oh its good to you commander you coming along to check on me im such a scraplet for what I done to you I just not was not well I guess you should send me off stay away from you all im sorry how I was treated you all I guess I need the sedatives for this since you see I miss that young old femme who is related to you by you're spark
    11. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      Commander I'm sorry I'm not my old self can ya have knockout give me a sedutive for my troubles I'm so stupid for what i done to you forgive me commander
    12. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *Ratchet layed on his back side and heard his beloved commander and.knockout talking about ratchets.future was as he cryed as they came to see ratchet* commander I'm ready to take the punishment ya give me I'm sorry please for give me i can tell ya mad at me aren't ya go ahead yell at replace me I'm not use for autobots anymore turn me into scrap I'm useless *ratchet cryed in tears his commander spoken to ratchet *
    13. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *ratchet sees knockout talking to him. and putting ratchet medical treatment in a report as ratchet spoken to knockout and was coughing up energon on his fist* knockout wheres the commander is upset at me i see he is mad at me have i been replaced I'm so sick what happen to me.
    14. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *Ratchet crys in so pain he began to lose some of strength he felt like he wants to die but he can't his life was that matter that optimus prime his commander and leader depends if his old cheif medic and doctor pulls out of his sickness *
    15. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *Ratchet grabs his chest and screams in pain *
    16. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *Ratchet cryed in tears when he didn't get so he got up from sick bay and grabs a bottle of energon and throws it to the ground * i can't take it no more i must ow my chest I'm not well i must lay back down i guess he will have to replace me i can't do this anymore i should of been replaced a long time ago now he has a new medic taking care of me i can't stand the agony ow my chest blasted lord primus help me i can't i have to do serious damage my commander hates me i guess so
    17. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      I'm sorry commander ya want me dead i will hurt myself then I'm sorry i can't replace myself for my past ya hate me can take me anyhow I'm going hurt ow my spark it hurts *ratchet falls on his back and has dropped the evil energon beaker near his face and is past out lays there dazed and is on uncoiuness as some time his commander sees his chief medic officer is past out with his chest cavity open up*
    18. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *Ratchet cryed heavily he was to have a great pride serving under his commanders orders he use love optimus prime like a true father figure to him he got so suddenly got hurt badly he called ratchet his chef of medical officer he couldn't take it no more he grabs his chest and cryed heavily he was sick badly he grabs a bottle of pure evil energon and looks at it he wants to do something to get back from his evil doing ways*
    19. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *ratchet dropped the wrench an dropped to his knees and looks down and bows his head down and sobbed into tears* I'm sorry commander i can't help myself i guess ya hate me since I'm ashamed.of myself for my actions sir I'm sorry forg*ratchet talks to himself as he couldn't look into his commander no more*
    20. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      Hay commander sir you hear me don't make hit ya head with my one of wrenchs
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