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Feb 21, 2009
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Is Not The Breakman, 27

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Sep 27, 2021 at 4:55 PM
    1. Saberfrost01
      Hey Ginrai, been a while since I last got in contact i know but whatever. XD

      I've removed Cybertron Primes BFG's because I decided that was what I didn't like about the figure. Now he actully stands strait in Super Mode and he looks more to my tastes so I'm happy. (Good thing to as I can't revesre the prosessess. I've somehow Scraped away the head of a screw :banghead:)
      Now what should I do about those balsted guns. :lol
    2. JBSideways
    3. UnicronFTW
      Let's just huddle into the fetal position and wait... and wait...
    4. UnicronFTW
      Oh God, I need a 3DS. I don't think I'm gonna sleep at night with the knowledge I won't be able to play KH3D.
    5. JBSideways
      How about you?
    6. JBSideways
      not much lol
    7. JBSideways
      Lol i know right
    8. JBSideways
      Hey man. My shitty life turned around! lol :D
    9. Saberfrost01
      I've finnally met David Kaye, I'm happy. :D
      Didn't find a Dark Scorpinok, I'm sad. :(
      Got my Beast Wars The Gathering signed by BOTH Simon Furman AND David Kaye (After finding the Megatron Cover in the Books Cover Gallery. :D

      My friend Bionutter got Robot Masters Black Lio Convoy. I've told him to keep it in the box.

      I also took my Animated Galvatron with me as a companion to. The response was, "So long as you don't talk to it." I don't talk to Galvatron, but I talk to Cybertron Repungus an awful lot.:lol

      Put simple I had a great time at Auto Assembly and regret nothing. (yet).
      I bought:
      several G1 Junkers, as you do (Including Powermaster Optimus Trailer). (£3 each)
      Energon Leader Fattimus (No mouth :D) 99% complete, missing gun. (£30)
      Cybertron Leader Meagtron 99% Complete :Missing one missile. (£30)
      Cybertron Leader Optimus. (£15: No Cyberkey or missiles)
      Co-buoght Unicron (with a customiser.) £30 (Me and Bionuuter paid £10 of that) We then Butchered Unicron. Customiser took the parts he needed/wanted we got the remaining 2/3 of Unicron :lol
      Co-Buoght ROTF Leader Jetfire with Bionutter. £30 (I paid £10 of that giving him majority owership.)

      Summerized we had a good time but it was damn expensive when the cost began to mount.
      David Wallace (Kalal Prime) needs to be hired as a TV presenter. :lol
    10. swampert123
      lol, I'm going to take that as great ;-)
      and I'm fine thanks
    11. swampert123
      Hey, how are you?
    12. JBSideways
      its thereapingleviathan
    13. JBSideways
      Haven't talked in a while. just made a new skype. Whats been going on!?
    14. JBSideways
    15. Saberfrost01
      I'm a masterforce fan so guess. :p
    16. Saberfrost01
      My wallets going to hate me. I CARE NOT! :ev:
    17. Saberfrost01
      A few weeks have passed since my OP now.
      No longer is there a big hole in my mouth.
      No longer is there any major pain.
      No longer am I at home. :wtf:

      I'm on holiday.:D sort of.
      The rest of my family went on Holiday but I remained behind. mainly because I'm saving ALL of my money for one day. THE AUTO ASSEMBLY 2011. Been planning for a long time now.
      Just 3 weeks remaining (2 and abit actully) my budget is finalized, my wishlist planned and yet I need your help if possible.

      How much does Energon Prime and Wingsaber cost? They aren't any to be found an Ebay UK so I'm unable to make estimates.

      I'll also be looking for parts to complete my Armada Unicron (Planet halves)

      A head robot so that Skullcruncher atleast a head. (I don't know the cost though)

      I'll also be looking for Powermaster Optimus Prime parts. Mainly the trailer. Hi-Q I don't need because I disabled the Powermaster gimmick.

      Lastly I'd like to ask you which Scorpinok should I get.
      Energon or Cybertron?
    18. OptimusGinrai
    19. Saberfrost01
      In SERIOUS PAIN. Just had a tooth removed. Hurts like HELL.
    20. Ace Convoy
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    Looking for G1 Star Saber parts! If you got any for sale, please let me know!