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    1. SnoreMAN
      Hello, could you change my birth date to 2010?
    2. Sixshot the six changer
      Sixshot the six changer
      So I was doing the math and looking at the trophy points and since you were admin I thought you would have the 2005 points but you don't so who does? Also the number I got was 2557 points total and 552 points without the 2005 points.
    3. Dreedlebug
      I just realized my date of birth was entered incorrectly. Could you please change it to be 13 days ahead of what it is? Thanks so much.
    4. figureguy
      Who do I contact to change a title of a thread in the BST forums? Thank you.
    5. Jalen Gatton07
      Jalen Gatton07
      Hi, dumb question, how do you have 147,000 posts when you "don't have any content" it says?
      1. optimusfan
        Robo-me is very busy.
        Jun 28, 2023
      2. Jalen Gatton07
        Jun 28, 2023
    6. User_141235
      Please delete this account. Thanks!
    7. martin entero shoro
      martin entero shoro
      Hey, can you change my birth date to November 23, 2004?
    8. User_141064
      Hey, can you delete my account?
      I feel like I accidentally joined by mistake.
    9. iconscons
      I'm getting strange things from all my devices saying I need to log in and my password is wrong. Can I get a password reset sent to my email?
    10. TfTim411
      I just got referred to you. I’m looking to complete my Fansproject Menasor
    11. MattDude1998
      Messaged you on Facebook.
      1. optimusfan
        Yeah, check out my sales thread. I have a few sealed Animated figures, and a couple of loose ones.
        Dec 18, 2022
      2. optimusfan
      3. MattDude1998
        Is it cool if I message you on FB? The prices and pics are sort of everywhere here lol.
        Dec 18, 2022
    12. Nitrostorm the skystriker
      Nitrostorm the skystriker
      I was wondering if you could please tell me how I can make a new thread since I wanted to make one based on characters who were only given concept art and were never given name or function and giving them exactly that.
      1. optimusfan
        There's a "post new thread" button near the top right in each of the subforums.
        Oct 21, 2022
    13. jon81

      I put up an sale thread fro my MMC Predacons Tigris and Bovis.
      When/or is it going to be up?
    14. onnsake
      Can you help me? I put up a sale post a few weeks ago and realized it's impossible to sell out of Japan and closed it out. I put up a NEW one tonight that I CAN sell to Americans, etc. But some mod just merged my thread so nobody will see it and they will miss the opportunity. Can't we just scrap the sale thread or I could even start over with a brand new thread?? Thanks!
      1. optimusfan
        Moved the new post back to an individual thread, then closed the old one. Report the post with a new title if you don't like the one I provided as I can't see the original.
        May 25, 2022
    15. mn_128875
      Could you delete my account
    16. Gmasterstudios
      can i ask for something? its something I would rather not disclose unless you are willing for a private chat, I am wondering about rule-bending is possible for what I want to do, nothing illegal or harmful, just want to keep it fair.

      are you willing to discuss the rule with me?
      1. optimusfan
        You can always act staff questions in PMs about rules.
        Sep 20, 2021
      2. Gmasterstudios
        Sep 20, 2021
    17. Jokerman2k
      I had at one point every G-1 including the one you had to mail way to get (only available with coupons), it joined to make a Camera. I'm new here but I found a big collection of BW TransMetal-2 all MIB, now it's time to let others enjoy them. Anyway to the point I can't post to the Sales area of the forum. I'm going to give near 1/2 price on all of them and your forum can have 1st.
      1. optimusfan
        You need to be here a month and have 10 posts on the boards.
        Sep 18, 2021
    18. sparkknock
      Hi, can I have my account deleted please? I've more or less been a lurker on these boards and I am stepping away from the transformers fandom to pursue other hobbies.
    19. Fenris447
      Hey man, can I get this account deleted? I signed up (or at least I thought I did) with my regular handle but somehow ended up with my full name as my account name? Might have been an auto-fill thing, I don't know. But assuming I can't get the account renamed, please delete it. Thanks.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Fenris447
        Fenris447. Thanks!
        Jul 13, 2021
      3. optimusfan
        Jul 13, 2021
      4. Fenris447
        You're the man. Thanks again.
        Jul 13, 2021
    20. Skepter3002
      I sent this message to two other admins but I did not get a response. hope you can help. :)

      I started a commission feedback thread in the junkion exchange but then I found out it is supposed to be in the creative marketplace under commissioner feedbacks. Can you please help me by moving it to where it's supposed to be?
      Sorry for the trouble
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