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Koruption_Kosplay, Male, from Anaheim, CA

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Sep 25, 2023 at 5:32 PM
    1. Pikaduck

      I’m going to be dropping by Phat Collectables. I saw that you already made the trip. Which Ratchet did you see there and what was the price. I’m pretty happy with my Siege, but I have been looking for sometime for another for a friend. Many thanks!
      1. Optimus_Prowl
        They had 2 siege ratchets, one was loose for 50 and they had another Mib for 99. Both outta my price range but cool to see in person
        Jan 14, 2022
      2. Pikaduck
        Jan 14, 2022
    2. GoLion
      Are you familiar with the Hydrogen peroxide trick for whitening up yellowed figures? That should work for your classics magnus.
      1. Optimus_Prowl
        Im not somill have to look it up
        Jan 12, 2019
      2. GoLion
      3. GoLion
        I've done that with a few toys (namely my g1 jetfire). It does work, but it might take a few treatments.
        Jan 13, 2019
    3. Pepperonimus
      I want to ask you about Bumblebee trailer.
      As far as you remember, is there any differences between scenes in the trailer and test sreening that you saw? (Other than cybertron obviously)
    4. Oktiduz
      Sorry if this seems a bit much but I have 3 more questions (no spoilers)...

      4. Did you get to see the Studio Series Optimus and Blitzing toys?
      5. Who was your favorite character in the movie?
      6. How G1 was Optimus? A detailed description would be nice...

      Again, apologies if I am disturbing your day.
    5. Oktiduz
      Hi! I'm new at this but could you PM me details about the Bumblebee Movie (no spoilers, please):

      1. What were your thoughts: the story, atmosphere, character development, music, feeling? Would love a detailed review... Out of X/10 would be nice...
      2. What are your criticisms of the movie? If you want, they can be really nit-picky...
      3. In your opinion, was Blitzwing an "awesome character?"

    6. maurice
      Can you pm me about the plot too please?
    7. 2Sixshot
      may you also pm me please and thank you.
    8. Sablebot
      Greetings, Optimus_Prowl:

      Thx. Questions: A)Plymouth GTX Female Decepticon: well-developed character?; B)Starscream rumors: yay or nay; C)Story, writing and character development-lightyears better than previous entries?? Thx again.
    9. Luke Starkiller
      Luke Starkiller
      Can you pm me just a full plot synopsis Thank You
    10. Henriquedematos
      I'm skeptical but sure, PM me what you got.
    11. Achilles1943
      hey man how are you ? can you pm me that info on bee as well ?
    12. Vic Turton
      Vic Turton
      Go on then pal hit me with all you have haha. I bet you are sorry for putting that up now hahaha
    13. spikebuster
      Could you pm me some info too. Mainly without giving the characters away, what other vehicles are transformers?
    14. Trip2boy
      I'm about 100% sure that I'm not the first guy to message you about the Bumblebee info. Just wondering if you could PM me the info too! I know you're probably a bit logged on requests right now so just contact me whenever is easiest for you. Thanks!
    15. Sixshot93
      Greetings! I’ve noticed on the boards that apparently you know details of Bumblebee: The Movie. Would you like to discuss your thoughts and what you know in PMs?
    16. Myshadeisblue
      Sweet Jake. Good hanging out man. I am stoked to be able to show you my stuff here man lol. And definately show me yours :)
    17. eagc7
      the nathan fillon playing ant-man thing was never official it was not true, Nathan even said he was never considered for the role to begin with
    18. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Yeah yesterday morning. I want more, but I can't afford them...
      Guess I'll just enjoy the mass I have now...
    19. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Got him. Now to go make the foot into a parrot and gut that god awful mech tech.
    20. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Guess I know where I'm going tomorrow, assuming the thundertron is still there.
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