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Aug 1, 2012
Dec 9, 2008
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TMNT & Hulk Fanatic

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Aug 1, 2012
    1. grimlock1972
    2. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      GLC? I recomend "Recharge" and "To be a Lantern"
    3. Dran0n
      Oh, I see.

      That's awesome.
    4. Dran0n
      Dude, where do you find time to watch all these fabulous films and read all these radical comics?
    5. Ace Convoy
    6. Haloid1177
      I got an email from I think the Baton Rouge Business report? and that's where I first heard about it. I get excited every time I hear it though.
    7. Ace Convoy
      Ace Convoy
      Yeah. I won't be able to get it till later this year but I should have my permit by then
    8. Ace Convoy
    9. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Yeah, that price is kinda off putting for me too. :lol

      I still need to see the 1996 movie though, as I would love to finally see McGann in action. :/
    10. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Hmm. The one I have is blue suit with no trenchcoat and glasses, and that one is probably my favorite out of all the offerings. But I think that variant is only available in the Series 3 figure pack, so I would probably go with the Glasses + Adipose version if you can't find that one. :D
    11. Takara_destron

      Spearhead from Space
      Doctor Who and the Silurians
      Terror of the Autons
      The Daemons
      The Curse of Peladon
      The Sea Devils
      The Three Doctors
      Frontier in Space
      Planet of the Daleks
      The Time Warrior
      Death to the Daleks
      Planet of the Spiders

      Those of the best of the best, but anything with the Master in is worth a watch too :)
    12. Ktulu
      What a wonderful sig you have~
    13. Hyena
      Hi and thank you! At the moment, very wet. But that's not a surprise.
    14. ILoveDinobot
      No, I prefer DC. But I like Batman, I absolutely hate the Joker.
    15. ILoveDinobot
      What are you talking about? lol
    16. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade
      No I haven't, and lately I haven't had much time to read leisurely.
    17. Chaos Prime
      Chaos Prime
      Nick and Nora Charles; what an unexpected signature pic. Nice one. =D
    18. ZeroMayhem
      Whoa, a Thin Man sig image! Now that's what I'm talking about. One of my favorite films (series)! Not many people I know are even aware of it.
    19. moreprimeland
      Like the new avy..very dapper :lol
    20. moreprimeland
      Hey there, hope you're doing well, and thanks for checking on me!!!.. The national news orgs. aren't giving the flooding in Nashville much air time.. but all of middle TN has been flooded..badly.. and Clarksville is just getting ALL the water coming upstream on the Cumberland.. all of downtown Clarksville is flooded and my neighborhood is an island..but some of my neighbors rec'd tons of water in their basements and upper floors on their houses..so we're banding together and helping each other the best we can.. had a big cookout..can't get to the grocery stores..so just chipping in all the food we could to make a nice dinner.. it's been hard.. but folks here are just fantastic.. We do live up to the name "VOLUNTEER STATE" ... anyway... I'll ttus..mpl
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