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Mar 19, 2010
May 25, 2009
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Mar 19, 2010
    1. Robticon
      :lol Yeah, it certainly would be easier that way. :D
    2. Robticon
      :thumbs2: Glad to hear it!
      (Sorry about the slow responses...
      I was editing my pictures for my comic.
      Gawd, that stuff is time consuming. :lol )
    3. Robticon
      Yeah... Oh, so you've taken it out riding, have you?
      Sweet. :cool:
    4. Robticon
      Nope, no dice. It would appear it's hooked up to...
      a Batterie right now. Ah, well... Maybe I can find some
      older pictures for you.
    5. Robticon
      Ooooo! Nice! I gotta get a pic of the Ruckus for ya!
      Hold on... Maybe I'll go try to do that now...
    6. Robticon
      Well, sorry to say, But I gotta go, but I'll be back later on, if you
      will still be on laters. :D (I'ma go take pictures for my next update while I still have light)
    7. Robticon
      Wowies. That sound awesome apart from the Power plant/Cement factory. :lol
      I see, just wanted to get done with you huh? Does sound a bit shady.
      No Sense of balance eh? Yeah, the same could be said of my family. :D
      Helmet shopping is difficult, hm? I feel the same about finding pants that fit me. :lol

      Oh, I see! Always the father's father who's the smart one, huh? :D
      Every 100 miles, huh? Wow, yeah, that's not bad!
    8. Robticon
      Well, I'd certainly be sad if it was closed. :D
      Ah, I see. Someday...Someday I'll get enough money to go there. It sounds wonderful!
      (But of course I'll have a scooter handy. ;) ) Whoa, 280cc? Dang.
      I don't doubt people would call 'im a con artist. :lol Certainly sounds a bit shady. :D
      Only two wheeler in your family, eh? Yeah, i have an Aunt and Uncle who have
      Motorcycles (But they've gotten a bit too old to ride anymore) and then my father,
      but no more family memebers than that... But, my dad has been in several accidents,
      so he has told me (And a ton of other people too) about them.
      Fixed his exhaust with what!? WOW!! He really knows how to improvise, eh? :lol
    9. Robticon
      Yes, I do believe that was the right choice! We would be quite sad if your thread got
      closed because of us! :D Oh, yes. The Ruckus is quite easy to customize. They used to
      have a bigger, 150cc version called the big ruckus, but that died off because it was
      not a scooter, but it was a motor cycle. (Not to mention it didn't really look anything like
      the original ruckus.) So, he drove his Vespa all 'round Scotland, eh? Sounds nice! Very
      nice, indeed. :D The guy who rode all up through the states was really smart. He would
      ride only at about 25 mph, and on the shoulder of the roads. Really, I don't know where
      my dad found his story, but his name was something like 'Wan' or something. He was
      Asian, and kinda poor too. His story was so amazing that people actually let the guy
      stay in their homes, and bought him dinner and went out beer drinking with him, and his
      story even got him out of a few tickets! He even had pictures of him hanging around,
      laughing it up with cops! He, that guy must've been extremely charismatic! Or, something.
    10. Robticon
      Ooooo! I'ma go read it then!
    11. Robticon
      Ya got mentioned in meh comic, good sir. ;)
      You don't have to read it o' course, but I
      wanted ta let ya know I did. :D
    12. Robticon
      Thanks to you, man! :D
      Every new member we get
      brings us a bit closer to
      making our Faction official!
      Thanks again! :D
    13. Robticon
      Ums, sorries, just wanted to know if you wanted to join
      the almost-official Funnies Creators Faction group. :D Here's
      the message I'm giving out to everyone:
      (FFC, FTW:
      This is the new, 'almost official'
      funnies creators faction group.
      Please join to help the cause.

    14. Robticon
      Just didn't think to look down there is all... :D
    15. Robticon
      I am doing fine! Sorry, neglected to
      look down below. :D Wasn't ignoring you in the least. :lol
    16. Optimus13en
      Yo, yo.
      I'm pretty cool thanks Robticon.
      How is your good self?
    17. Robticon
      Hello, how are you today? Good, bad? Screw it all? :D
    18. Atlas Prime
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