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    1. Novaburnhilde
      Indeed he does. I loved the overall darker tone and deeper themes of the series, they addressed some pretty intense stuff. Although some of that stuff would fly over kids heads.

      Another thing to note about Megatron is that he was "right", in a lot of ways. He wanted Cybertron to be controlled by a single mind, which in turn, would take away any free will that there was. If Cybertron was controlled by a single mind, there would be no war, since there'd be no differing thoughts. The show even went as far as to show, in the first half of the series, Optimus was "just" as bad as Megatron, before learning from the oracle that Cybertron needs to have a balance of both technology and organic material. Without a doubt, the series left an impact on me.

      Sorry for the long post. :lol
    2. Novaburnhilde

      Without a doubt, Beast Machines is one of my most favorite shows that's based around Transformers.
    3. Novaburnhilde
      Not at all!

      Its understandable to question why someone you haven't met would friend you. o3o
    4. Novaburnhilde
      Hello there. My apologize for the random friend request~ Just seeing how many friends I can make on here~

      I won't pester you or anything~
    5. Basilisk
      I think I just have a problem with Moffat's writing one thing for this season in particular is the whole "Soldiers = Bad" is kind of out of nowhere. Feel free to correct me because I'm just sort of watching Doctor Who on and off.
    6. Basilisk
      Yup I'm a Whovian though I haven't been keeping up with the new series much (But I've been enjoying Capaldi as the Doctor.)
    7. MaxxieOD
      Hmm dunno...always liked him and I think his design in BM was fabulous.
    8. MaxxieOD
      I had a couple BM pics, both of Cheetor but that's about it.
    9. MaxxieOD
      No, I never bothered here for some reason, probably cause most of my art is of my TFOCs lol...I tend to just*upload to my dA page.
    10. MaxxieOD
      I have to say...that's pretty awesome you're using my fan art for your avatar! Glad you liked it!
    11. ch4dg
      tbh i prefer mopeds and would happily use them 24/7, but i use the motorway for most journeys so i need something a bit tougher as doing 60mph(a mopeds maximum mph) every day for long periods with a moped will kill it quick,

      but i use a moped city wise and just quick trips(much more efficient than a car or larger bike).... the main plus is they're auto so no gears which mean less to worry about and less to concentrate on. plus they have feet wells so if you get hit off your legs ain't trapped between machine and gravel as i found out the hard way :( another good point as you said they're smaller...which means they can sift through traffic much easier.

      i know some of my mates would never be seen on a moped but each to their own
    12. Autobot1000
      Have a look round some electronic or mobile phone stores. They may have replacement chargers for your camera.
    13. Autobot1000
      photocomics advice

      if your worried about the quality of the camera phone the only advice I can give is take the photo 2 or 3 times from different distances. quality may be much better either closer up or further away.

      That being said there are many photo comics out there that aren't perfect picture quality (I know mine isn't always perfect) however they've still well received.

      I create comics on the fly, I will play around with the toys and get an idea, then take the photos and edit them. However I know some people who plan out there comics in advance (I have done this before 2 but mainly on the fly). Find a way that suits u, 1 or the other or mix and match.

      The best piece of advice I can give u is to have fun. It's pointless making the comics if they become a chore. Make them for yourself, not anyone else. (I don't mean you don't do crossovers ect, make the comics how you would like to make them. If u like it that's all that matters)

      hope that helped.
    14. ch4dg
      tbh that's the first time i been in an accident bike or car, but you can be the best rider(or driver) in the world but you get stupid or inexperienced driver... your screwed i have started saying something a bit different like
      .... you get one dopey cow who don't indicate and don't check mirrors correctly before changing lanes whilst driving a SUV too big for them to see correctly....you are f***'ed.

      i cant say much - i dont think i would let my kids either and at the moment i wont let my girlfriend ride one(well advised her not to) but i still wont give up riding :/ so bit of a hypocrite but...maybe go with a moped so much easier (and cheaper to run)
    15. ch4dg
      yeah i know what you mean..i'm in steel works so we're pretty hot on anything H&S, but no it was a road accident got hit of my motorbike, flew through 2 lanes of incoming traffic and landed on the path the opposite side. broke an arm, both my wrist and rip a few ligaments in the wrist too which were the main probs to getting back into customising.

      cheers, i dug it out so might do something soon
    16. ch4dg
      yeah sorry a few people been asking bout it :(
      its not 100% done yet, i was in a pretty serious accident so couldn't do any work for a few months and...then work got in the way, then family then started on some other projects etc...and basically because i couldnt decided on the alt mode it got shelved.

      i have been playing around with it and came up with some alt modes but it started to look to much like a fat iguana, the one i really liked i used magnets to De-attach and re-attach bits and that's not what i truly wanted.
      another prob was because i own frilled dragons i couldnt really see the resemblance if you get what i mean....it looked more like a dinosaur with a frill

      now i started to think about it i want to finish the iguanus now...i got some apoxie scult coming in the next few days...so i might dig it out and see if i can do anything
    17. Aptom
      Yeah i love all thing guyver:-) there was a 12 episode series by manga entertainment which was alot more violent and cheesy, i wish there was a 2nd season of the new one as it was getting really interesting
    18. Ratchets Hatch
      Ratchets Hatch
      Oh for sure. He's pretty much emo Ashitaka. And Lord Cob reminds me a bit of Orochimaru from Naruto.
    19. Ratchets Hatch
      Ratchets Hatch
      I just wondered. I feel like it's the darkest of the Ghibli films. And I never quite understood why the main character killed his father, but I guess that was explained more in the books.
    20. Ratchets Hatch
      Ratchets Hatch
      Well it was one of the first Ghibli films I saw, so for me it's partly nostalgia.

      Have you seen Tales from Earthsea?
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