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Rad Brobot, from Wisconsin

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Sep 19, 2021 at 2:59 PM
    1. YumYumPrime
      I see you have got the Cloud 9 quakeblast. May I ask does your package come with a solid purple color spare arm? Mine doesn 't Thx
    2. YumYumPrime
      Can you help me to post? I am still unable to post as new user. Thank you
      * whzhen1976-9 is trying to delay your claim to paypal so he can have enough time to withdraw the money that he took from paypal.
      As I mentions before hxli7777_5 and whzhen1976-9 are the same guy named (郭瑶 in Chinese) Kwok Yiu
      People should start to file to ebay or paypal as soon as possible to stop this scammer. *
    3. YumYumPrime
      Today I spent an whole day went to post office to locate the package. Then another hour talking to ebay and explain the situations and trying to get refund for my orders. I really hates those ebay scammer. I am so mad now and these scammer need to be reported. Thanks for posting for me on this forum to remind others.
    4. YumYumPrime
      I was so disappointed. The reason I buy from whzhen1976-9 because of this forum saying he is a legit. I made the purchase during the $15 off $75 ebay sales. It seems no one can be trust on ebay. It really depends. Yup,
    5. YumYumPrime
      I am a new user on this forum and I can't reply to the post on the ebay seller check. Can you report them? Thx
    6. YumYumPrime
      hxli7777_5 is also not legit. I have a friend purchased from him and he did the same thing which is put the wrong incomplete address.
      I have compare the sender's address and name with my friend. We found out whzhen1976-9 and hxli7777_5 are the same guy. So scary huh?
    7. YumYumPrime
      Hi, we are on the same boat.

      whzhen1976-9 is no longer legit. He is a scammer now. I ordered three items from him. I never get any of them. He put the wrong address with the correct zip code on the package. Your package will show incomplete or insufficient address and return to the sender.
    8. combinerlover
      Wassup man ?
      1. omgitstraxx
        Haaay. What's up :)
        Mar 2, 2017
      2. combinerlover
        Nadda , just chatting people up ;) wanted to say hey . You should follow me bro .
        Mar 2, 2017
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