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Feb 15, 2014
Jun 6, 2008
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Cybertronian Puckstopper, 45

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Feb 15, 2014
    1. Inferno39
      That sucks. I have an idea in mind, I just cant draw it. I have been looking through this site to find someone to draw what I want.
    2. Inferno39
      Thanks for shouting back. The Inferno concept sounds awesome, what happened to it?
    3. Inferno39
      A fellow GSBB member
    4. jgoss
      like everybody else has been saying cool helmet dude. and also i'm glad to see that your a g1 fan. i've been a fan since the beginning you like any other tf series? one more thing do you have your helmet done with barricade yet? i'd like to see it
    5. Prime 61
      Prime 61
      dude love the helmet im acybertronian left tackle/d linemen in a semi pro league ill send u a pic i have autobot logo front and center on my helmet to good look
    6. ILoveDinobot
      Have I told you, you have the coolest goalie helmet I have ever seen? :O
    7. omegagoalie
      LOL, never get beat five-hole. I'm getting a new mask made next month which will feature a Barricade theme. I'll get a pic up when It's done:) Thanks for the message!
    8. Bruticus_42
      Dude! Nice Mask!!! I wish I had old picks of me with my Venom mask (which I still have!), but I must say, WOW, what a 5 hole!
    9. Th3 Fall3n
      Th3 Fall3n
      Yeeeeeeeeah! first one! score! im glad to see im not the only athletic geek out there keep blockin shots man!:D
    10. omegagoalie
      Awesome man! I always have a Transformers theme painted on my goal mask. It's amazing how many people not only recognize the symbols, but know that it's Jazz. Thanks for the message! First one:)
    11. Th3 Fall3n
      Th3 Fall3n
      hey your're a cybertronian puckstopper and ima cybertronian linebacker....hmmmm sounds like the sports world isnt ready for us!
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