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Jun 26, 2015
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Jun 26, 2015
    1. Neo-Prime
      Hey dude its Ste, sent ya a freind request!
    2. ChalkyWhite
      Not interested in Banzi-tron, even though I want Blugeon it just wouldn't seem right.. Need to save for Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy anyway's. It is a thing of beauty.
    3. ChalkyWhite
      Not really a fan of the movie lines.. But thanks for the head's up. Shame we never got Bludgeon, it was the only movie mold that I would have bought.
    4. ChalkyWhite
      Hi, Thanks for the reply. I went down to TRU this morning and left with a lovely MP Grimlock :) and also a Thrust from ASDA. Thanks for the help.
    5. ChalkyWhite
      Hey, I'm from the Tamworth area and noticed that you posted about TRU getting some MP Grimlocks in, Any new news on that front? I went on Monday and there wasn't any about.. And I only saw Bumblebee from the Generations series (Was after a Thrust).
      Thanks for any info you can share.
    6. pickerz333
      Thanks for that. well my collection is mainly.. well it's a mish-mash of unicron trillogy, Rid, movie and classics/universe.
      I also read in an earlier post that you saw lockdown and brawn is asda, how many were there?
    7. pickerz333
      Ah thanks for the info, i hope we get them soon otherwise we will have missed wave 1.
      Also do you have any figures you are willing to sell/trade that i might be interested in?
    8. pickerz333
      Say is TRU supposed to be getting the hunt for the decepticons line around christmas or has no date been confirmed yet?
    9. pickerz333
      ah nice to see someone from my area on the thread, i'm new to the sightings thread so if you could let me know when anything new hits TRU or Asda (and vice versa) that would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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