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Feb 23, 2024 at 10:41 AM
Jul 5, 2002
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Omega Supreme V

The token Asian one

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Feb 23, 2024 at 10:41 AM
    1. Burnout00012
      Some Decepticon in the recent Trumpchi transformers commercial, I just thought he looked like a movieverse version of Tarn.
    2. Sanny632
      Payment sent if you hold that binal tech I'll take it for 50
    3. NSP
      Ill let you know if I am able to get those two Classics....
    4. NSP
      Interested in your Classics Bluestreak/Grimlock.
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    June 5
    I'm 10 bananas away from becoming Donkey Kong and throwing a banana peel-filled barrel at my neighbours.


    My life, My world....Nothing but a memory. I use my power, my strength, my courage, to save the damn people here that are still alive.

    My Group of Five brave Warriors are the only ones to help me...
    Help? Nothing but a luxery that is
    de trop (undesired).
    I am a lone wolf walking the path of obliteration.
    My stone cold heart can never be brought back, I want to die fighting, go down in a blaze of glory...
    Join me if you want, but be warned, I hurt everyone..... that I get close to.
    My friends, family, they were all hurt in someway by me. They made me the Outlaw, The OutCast of This World.

    And Now , I have to Save their pitiful lives.