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Jul 9, 2019
    1. Window
      Yea? I found these shelves to be easier and more customizable plus being able to utilize more out of a corner is awesome.

      Also Deltofs can be a pain to find in stock haha.
    2. Window
      Hahaha that is why the bots stay out of the bedroom!
      I like the wood for two reasons -1 - easier to clean and 2 - the light reflects off the surfaces more so you need less lighting and get more even lighting.

      With the deltofs I find that you can end up with shadows and uneven lighting alot more.
      Also I like mixing glass with wood, really looks clean.
    3. Window
      I'm finishing off Feral Rex and picking up Quantron but thats it for me for combiners this year.
      Sticking to the Function(x), FP Warbot, FT Dino-bots and MP lines.

      Saw your video, nice deltofs. Did you catch my post about the canadian tire shelves?
    4. Window
      Still deciding which day I'm going.

      I just got Quad U, Smart Robin, Revolver, Riftshot, Recoiler, Assaulter and Steelcore. Have to say absolutely love them all.
    5. Window
      Planning to go, want to see how FP has progressed on their Function (X) line and hopefully Quantron is out by then.
    6. Novaburnhilde
      I watched your review, I liked the dedication at the end. I hope the kid gets better.

      I got your PM, where did you post Crosshair's character bio? I didn't see it on the video or on the post where you said the video was up. :)
    7. fallen_revenge
      Will your Crosshairs review be uploaded soon?
    8. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      How much for the Make toys Nova then if you are not joking in wanting to sell it ?
    9. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      No problem man, glad to help! Lmk anytime if you need it. :)
    10. agentSAP2006
      I like your username.
    11. OhMyPrimus
      Generations 30th Leader Jetfire
      Generations 30th Leader Megatron
      Generations Deluxe Arcee
      Generations Deluxe Chromia

      These are next on my list for next year.
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