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Oct 27, 2020 at 7:22 PM
    1. Fishdirt
      I was actually hoping autoassembly europe would be this year as I can make that trip. I was in Stockholm a couple weeks ago and the toys r us was pretty tiny compared to the USAs. What surprised me is the amount of hasbro non tf stuff like My little ponies and how popular they are in Sweden. for now I order from UK mainly and have stuff shipped to my friend's in the USA when I find a deal. If you're a G1 collector maybe we can do trades or such in the future. I think TF went too past lagom when the bay movies came out and it scared everyone haha
    2. Fishdirt
      I live in Norsbotten...Moved here from the states and I gotta say the toy selection sucks in Sweden as far as TFs go. Not many fans here are there?
    3. Fishdirt
      What part of Sweden are you in?
    4. netkid
      What is that thing in your avatar from?
    5. MenasorMaster
      i like the combaticons too, blast off is my favourite.
    6. MenasorMaster
      yxou dont like the stunticons right ??
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