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Christian TF Fan and Dinobot, Male, 27

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Apr 25, 2021
    1. Galvatross
      Thanks for the add. Your posts actually add to the conversation, and I think we need more respectful Transformers fans of all stripes like yourself in sites like these.
      1. Noversalrex1024
        Yeah I agree, we definitely need more conversationalists and calm debaters rather than trolls, angry fanboys/fangirls. Honestly I normally eat aggravated and fall for the crap, but this time I’m really trying to make an effort to not do that again. Also thanks for adding me to bro. I appreciate it, as well as the discussion.
        Mar 6, 2018
      2. Galvatross
        You're welcome, and thanks. Frankly, differing opinions about Transformers are the last things that should make us angry. Any time!
        Mar 6, 2018
      3. Noversalrex1024
        Thanks bro. I'm gonna be using this site way more now. Especially now that I'm starting to get a few of my IRL friends into this franchise. It's cool to have someone on here to talk to and discuss with.
        Mar 6, 2018
    2. Sixshot93
      Yes, apparently so. Though I'm not gonna speculate too much and wait till the film comes out. Doesn't sound fun I know but this time I'm gonna keep myself in the dark.
    3. Sixshot93
      Fair enough. Thanks for making peace.
    4. Sixshot93
      Listen, sorry if I sounded a little stern, but I don't want this to all end in tears. You've done nothing really wrong, it was the way your response came across to me at least. But let's forget about it, shake hands and move on.
    5. rumsawatti
      Hey, pretty lucky/coincidental I happened to sign on here, I havent been on in months cause i normally dont come on anymore for anything so you might have never received a reply. I just happened to sign on to find an old post and just so happened that you sent me that message yesterday lol. Anyhow, i wasnt even aware that my title said "dinobot", I never wrote that, however if you would like to change it its pretty simple:
      Click on "private messages" in the top right hand corner of the screen, under where it says "Welcome, Noversalrex1024. [X]" Once you are in your PM folder, on the left side of the page under "Your Control Panel" you will see a link that says "Edit your details" click on it and scroll down to the second heading where it says "optional information". Its going to be the first box under that heading saying "Custom User Title". Just edit it and submit at the bottom of the page and good to go :thumb
    6. Ømnidrive
    7. Ømnidrive
      Indeed and u?
    8. Ømnidrive
      Yes not on opening day sadly but one if the days after
    9. Ømnidrive
      Hopefully :o
    10. Ømnidrive
    11. Ømnidrive
    12. Wilsauls
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