Jul 14, 2010
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Pico, let's go up to Zuma, Male, from New Jersey

    1. Fallout
      hey, do you still have that gif of legends optimus combined with jetfire surrounded by all the silhouetted movie decepticons? that looked cool as hell.
      1. Noideaforaname
      2. Fallout
        lol thank you, i knew there was a reason it stayed in my head so vividly
        Feb 10, 2021
    2. LoranBasaraEvin
      Iiiiit's like a moooooviiiiie/it's a B-movie shoooooow~
    3. Venixion
      What is that mechaspider toy with the brain in the blue water?
      1. Noideaforaname
        A B'omarr Monk, from Star Wars
        Jun 19, 2019
      2. Venixion
        Ohh. Its a cool toy.
        Jun 19, 2019
    4. Fallout
      oh and big convoy would be about 26 feet tall if we use the scale of a steppe mammoth instead of a wooly mammoth, which was smaller than the steppe
    5. Fallout
      break is ~1/10 scale, meaning he'd be around 3.6 feet in robot mode
      longrack is 1/26 scale, he'd be 16 feet at the top of his shoulder kibble, no idea how tall he actually is to his bot mode head but looking at it i''d say 12 feet?
    6. Fallout
      gigantosaurus/landsaur would be 1/55 scale at its smallest (39 feet long was the smallest giganto fossil found yet, holy fuck dinosaurs were scary as shit)
      elasmosaur/seasaur would be 1/26 scale (elasmosaur was 34 feet long and seasaur fairs pretty well in maintaining its proportions)
      wetzel's pretzels/skysaur would be 1/86 scale (shortest beast mode of the three, even though the bitch was massive in person)
    7. Fallout
      yo, i know you're a dinosaur guy and i haven't sourced these yet so i'm not gonna post them in the thread yet but i figured you might like some bw neo scales i did (some of which aren't dinosaurs but whatever):
      saberback would be 1/44-1/50 scale, 28 feet tall in bot mode, max
      guiledart is around 1/48 scale, being 19 feet in robot mode
    8. Fallout
    9. AutobotAvalanche
      I remember your Kreons were one of the first things I saw on this site, back when I was a lurker. Legendary stuff right there.
    10. Fallout
      how much are your copies of Contemporary Krampus?
    11. Venixion
    12. Venixion
      Okay I have to ask. What is Super Uninvincibility? Lol
    13. Fallout
      i'm loving all your takes on tarantulas lol. especially parasite tarantulas!
    14. Basilisk

      I don't think I told you how hilarious I found this :lol
    15. Venixion
      yes they do. the eye part of eye brawl does look like an overgrown patra. :p
    16. Venixion
      your picture of toon link and poor eye brawl is awesome
    17. Venixion
      hahaha your little prank on your brother with the double cannon samus is too funny! XD
    18. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Have you discovered the awesomeness that is Mystery Skulls?
    19. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      That is (Lewis?) From the video
      Mystery Skulls: Animated.
      I would post a link but I can't, So search it yourself. :lol
    20. eagc7
      It sure seems like they were setting up a sequel... but so was Optimus calling Megatron "brother" and look how that went.
      the "Brother" thing was not intended to be a sequel set up, in original scripts for the first film, Optimus and Megatron were to going to be blood brothers and there was supposed to be an scene where a vision of Sentinel Prime appeared to tell Sam the history of the war, alongside Optimus and Megatron family ties, but the brothers subplot was completly taken out of the film. with only the "you left me no choice brother" being the only remaining piece of the removed subplot for the first film
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