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May 6, 2003
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Do you know this Icon?, 46

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Jul 18, 2010
    1. Soundwaver
      In Slipstream Tragedy, we saw him as a kid. This is a different Slipstream.
    2. Soundwaver
      We never saw an baby Lithones. Only those who are school aged.
      1. Soundwaver
        Actually my bad we do. Between the two kids running and the parent and child walking together, there's a dad hold a baby or a toddler Lithonian in the background. He or she seem much younger then the two running and playing.
        Nov 23, 2018
    3. Soundwaver
      They're not just engery beings with shell, but also living organism. Also in a few continuties they do sexually reproduce. Wheelie had parents. He was probably built, but why build a helpess baby? That a waste. Also unlike a truck, transformers are living organism.
    4. swampert123
      hey.you know its also called a avatar not just an icon
    5. -Wreckage-
      Yeah, about that thing a bit back... very sorry, really, I am...
    6. nkelsch
      Hrrm, Most of my Gobot sprites are posted, I never went back for a second pass at making them. One of these days I will if I get time to do it. I haven't had much time for icon making.
    7. Mospeada
      Hey...have you ever done a Sprite of Gobot Staks?
    8. Mospeada
      Okay, because I was like, damn, even if this guy doesn't like me I still wanna use his avatars...heh.
    9. nkelsch
      Lol, No worries, that is what people do in the movie forum is argue. :D
    10. Mospeada
      I just realized you make the awesome icons that we all use and am now sad we argued about RotF.
    11. Blurrz
      Been a fan of your site for a very long time!
    12. Darkspeed
      Nice to see you're updating the site again! ^^
    13. T.F. Allen
      T.F. Allen
      Hey, I know if I keep asking, it'll sound annoying, but your site hasn't been updated since June (or was it July?). I've been waiting for those Animated and Cybertron ones for ages, I check once a week for 'em. I really hope you can find the time to update...

    14. Autobot Optimus
      Autobot Optimus
      Love your work! Awesome, awesome stuff!
      I can't wait to see your Animated Series icons!
    15. knook
      Are you o.k. About my thread though?
    16. nkelsch
      The site appears to be working for me, I am not sure why the site is breaking.

      I have been a lazy SOB. I need to update the site but I haven't had time.
    17. knook
      The site kinda works for me now. But I have to use direct links to the pages, after that I can go through them easily. Anyway. Back to the reason why I'm leaving this message. I have re-coloured Avatars for years, Ever since I was about 7 or 8. Not sure if they where yours at that time but after a while I found your site. I have started a thread where I show off the re-colours. Of course you got credit but if you want me to stop then I understand. Linky
    18. nkelsch
      LOL, I thought I posted a response :D

      I am going to try tos epnd time this weekend fixing the site and getting it 'whole' for the next few months. I just haven't had the time!!!
    19. T.F. Allen
      T.F. Allen
      Again, when do you plan on putting those icons up? But thanks for accepting my friend request! :D
    20. T.F. Allen
      T.F. Allen
      Hey, I'm a big fan of your avatars/icons and I was wondering when you were planning to put the Animated ones on your site? I can see you've finished most of the Autobots.
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