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Jun 5, 2023
Aug 16, 2007
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Jun 5, 2023
    1. Superquad7
      Bwhaha! "Dumb autocorrect!"

      Yeah, I shyed away from the most of that. I did talk to the member in question a little more, since I did post a reply to him about the topic. I certainly never want hard feelings from someone over something like that.

      It's hard to believe over the last few years how certain figures "shelfwarm" in certain areas and are scarce in others.
    2. Superquad7
      I'm alright :) still plodding aling with tbese robit toys! Usually when I need a break, I go spammin on people's visitor messages ^_^ Ironically, the Fuzzy keeps me sane too.
    3. Superquad7
      Missed you, Nerd!

    4. wasp819
      Dude come back, i neeeeeeeeed yooooooooooooou
    5. SydneyY
      Where are you?? :(
    6. SydneyY
      I'll be away for a few days starting tomorrow, but I hope we'll keep in touch :)
    7. SydneyY
      I have Twitter (syd_tfw - I follow jon and Rich) but not whatsapp thing and I don't even know what it is. Which means you must get Twitter! (I've only recently learnt how to use it)

      I actually haven't been back for years :( Wanted to go back last year, but was advised not to by my brother (there were still lots of little quakes).
    8. SydneyY
      Glad to hear you have been okay! (Do you have a twitter account?) My family's been well, thank you very much for asking...I'm hoping to go back sometime this year.

      Hmmmm wonder what you've got? :)
    9. SydneyY
      Absolutely read it as "Hope you've hurt yourself!!"

      I hope you have been well?
    10. SydneyY
      *falls off the chair*
    11. biscuits
      Hows AA going? I know that it's only 10:45 but i'm bored and then remembered that AA was on today...if you read this before you leave then say "Hi" to everyone I met last year for me.
    12. SydneyY
      man that jetlag sounds bad! I've never been anywhere with much difference in time so I can't even imagine what you are going through. Have a plenty of rest, hopefully it won't be too busy at your work.

      Got tangled up in a black repaint thread and some ongoing deals and I have no time to have fun at Fuzzy :(
    13. Big_Daddy
      I'm resizing my pics and sorting them through. Should get them up on PB real soon! Uploaded some vids on YouTube as well, and soon I will start editing some clips for proper video goodies!
    14. Big_Daddy
      Same here, hehe! Also, having fun giving an anti-Erector guy the nerdrage with runs on the "Waspinator won HoF" thread. They just refuse to listen, don't they?
    15. Big_Daddy
      Indeed it did! I'm wide awake, not feeling tired at all, lol!
    16. SydneyY
    17. SydneyY
      man that Minerva looks sweet.
    18. SydneyY
      I saw the frontpage post about Erector! He is the winner of our hearts for sure. Don't try to send a long message now. The site seems to be crashing a lot.
    19. biscuits
      Epic! :D
      A shark eh? How'd ya manage that :lol
      Did you see the intro to DOTM?
      Imah rob you in 2012/13 :D
      Yeah i'm not going to be at AA this year :( And there's a high chance that I won't next year either :'(
      botcon sounds awesome though :D
      What stuff have you bought so far?
    20. biscuits
      Are you at Botcon?
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