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    1. Rewind Eject
      Rewind Eject
      Posted here to avoid derailing thread.

      yea but like. it isn't othering femmebots to make a team of them, if anything it others them more by saying there CANT be a team of combiners that's entirely female

      like, combining is the gimmick. making them female isnt a gimmick, it just adds more female bots to the ranks, which honestly for a toyline like this in the year 2015? that is something it SORELY needs tbh
      I never noticed it before, but I sadly have to admit you are kind of right. If a team in a show is all male or mixed, I can swallow that they came together randomly but if they are female I assume there to be a reason (granted there usually is, but there shouldn't be. ) I'll have to work on that.
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