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    1. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      I read you though. It does come to a point where just taking pictures becomes a big chore when you have to do a bunch of prep work up front for it.

      My latest thing has been trying to do aquarium photography. So many people in the aquarium business are starting to suffer from white background syndrome too, it's funny. Everybody seems to think white is awesome as a background. Most of mine are just, hey, here's the aquarium and it's residents. I like trying to get snaps of fish, small things that move fast. More of a challenge in some ways than taking pictures of toys that you can spend several minutes getting to stand just right.

      But, bleh.

      I do still look at Cool Stuff most days. I just don't participate as I don't feel like I've got anything new to offer at the moment. Maybe someday.
    2. SydneyY
      I think from here on this is "conversation" ? I came to your page and the message I typed in my page is here.

      I do think WBGS (white background syndrome) is a kind of a curse. Since I got a new camera, it has become so easy to take whiter pictures, and just like you, the pictures lost appeal to me. They are all the same. Maybe someone else might have whiter, crisper photos, but that alone can't get me going.
      I still enjoy taking photos, but the subject has to be something new. I did reshoot some of my favourite toys, but there aren't so many I'd bother and I understand (I really do) people don't want to see 1000 pictures of RiD Scourge or Big Convoy I take.

      Since I don't get that many toys, I don't post pics at Cool Stuff that often anymore. I used to post pics at least every couple of days :lol
      But I love looking at toy photos in general no matter the setup, so that's still my favourite thread.

      I can imagine you have lots of props. I'm still waiting to see your caged wrestling ring (?) pics. Do you still have the set up? See, you could have just shoot some pics without worrying about the background, and it'd still be a fantastic photos. I'd say the majority of members who take toy pics would have done it, post the pic and get lots of :rock smilies...but you (and some others, including me) have gone beyond aim and shoot and just have fun mindset. It makes a simple act of getting up to take pics a labour.

      I guess I'm rambling and repeating what you said in a worse way....
    3. SydneyY
      And it came back with an interesting result! I clicked on "view conversation" in your message box and here's the whole message I sent to you in your page. Interesting result but I'm lost :lol
    4. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Yeah, the little girl with the lightsaber, that's her. She'd love them, I'm sure. But she already has two rooms full of toys she doesn't play with.

      I got weirded out with toy pictures I think. Once I got that new camera I spent two days taking awesome light box pictures and then didn't want to post a single one of them. I just kept looking at them going, "seen that before. Seen it. Seen it. Seen it a hundred times. Seen it." And then, all my other ideas outside the standard white-base light box shot just hang out there as ideas and I think I just fizzled out. Do you realize I've got two boxes full of nothing but props I was going to use for my Transformers pictures? Skateboards, chairs, couches, clothes, you name it. Never used a single one of those things except for the guitar I used in that 20th Prime picture. And now I've got a room full of crap I'll probably never look at again unless I get up the nerve to sell them.

      I guess I just burned myself out. I had a quest, to find out how to take the perfect picture. I solved that problem with the new camera, or at least got as close to it as I figure I'll ever get, and then just lost all desire to do pictures.

      Sorry about the weird philosophical bit there. When I gave up the pictures I got really, really weird for a while. I started about three threads a day about the problems with Transformers pictures on the net, and then closed them without posting them because everybody else seems happy about it. But seriously, how many galleries do we need of every toy on white backgrounds? It just bothers me. Even now. The "ultimate" toy picture isn't one where someone's edited in a nice background, or even one where they put their toys in a neat situation. It's the white "superclear" garbage we've seen a bazillion times. And I'm just as guilty of it as anybody else. And that probably bothers me more than anything.

      Sorry for the rant. I sometimes get disgusted with the way this fandom latches onto a good idea and then rides it into the ground. Over and over and over again.

      So, I guess if I'm ever going to do the toy picture thing again, it's going to be for good reason. Right now, I can't come up with that reason.

      That all sounds far more spiteful than I mean it to, but oh well.
    5. SydneyY
      I have got an idea. Will you come to my page and type bah or something? Then I think I can click "conversation". I could be wrong.

      Anyways, as for the Classics 2.0, yeah I used to look forward to Sunstreaker, but he somewhat doesn't look that good anymore. Seeing so many pictures on the net before actually seeing the toy in person isn't a good thing either. Get tired of it even before it's out. Still like Prowl, though :)

      I guess giving a niece TF toys is tricky :lol That's the little girl who had a lightsaber in one of your pictures?

      Ah, but it's a shame you don't take pics now. You had so much going on.

      I'll look in the movie forum when I have time. It's good to see forums you don't visit normally. You see so many members you've never heard of!
    6. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Strange. I guess I don't get how this friends conversation thing works. Oh well.

      I think I've gone through enough cycles with Transformers that playing catch-up probably isn't going to happen again. Universe/Classics 2.0 doesn't even hold the appeal that the original Classics held to me, and that was probably my favorite line ever. Even Sunstreaker, who I've been waiting to see a good updated version of for a long, long time, looks bad to me. Which doesn't seem right at all, because everybody else seems to love them all. They just don't have that chunky robot goodness I like. Too sleek, too curvy.

      I suppose I do have a niece I could give toys to now, but something tells me her parents wouldn't be happy if I showed up with a bunch of robot toys to give her.

      That movie forum is a scary, scary place. You're expected to fall in line with those that loved everything about the first movie, or those that hated everything. If your opinion is more along the lines of, "yeah, that was cool, but there's some minor things that could have been improved" you get jumped on by both sides. Bleh.
    7. SydneyY
      Apparently you replying to me doesn't show in my profile. So if your profile view number clocks up a lot it's probably me checking if you replied, not an online stalker.

      Losing interest is fine as long as you won't get the urge to "catch up" a year or so later, in that case it's going to be costly I reckon.
      But I know what you mean about "taking pictures of them then not knowing where to put them". Thankfully I have kids so I can let them play with the toys (AFTER I take pics), and it makes me feel a bit better. But I admit I have bought TFs just to take some comparison shots.

      I don't look into the Movie forum, either :lol News thread titles are spoiler enough. Really looking forward to the next one, though.
      Animated is going to be on here next month. I'll see how I feel about the toys when I see them in person. I like Bulkhead a lot, though. Megs is OK, too, and I don't care much for Prime figures in any series anyway.
    8. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      I haven't bought a toy since sometime in October or November. I guess I just sort of lost interest or something. I'm sure it'll come back around eventually. Just a lot of other stuff to spend money on at the moment.

      Animated, for as much as everybody says how awesome it is, doesn't hold a lot of appeal to me toy wise. Some of them look good. Ultra Magnus, Grimlock, maybe Soundwave, but some of them just don't work for me at all. Oh well.

      Still very interested in movie news, but keep being reminded you don't converse with people about that unless you want an annuerism. Way too much psychotic bleating in those threads.

      Outside of that, my interest in Transformers is pretty so-so right at the moment. I'll probably always be around. I just got pretty bored with buying toys just to take pictures of them, then not knowing where to put them afterwards I guess.

      If you go to your own user page, you should see any new messages pop up there. That's how I'm seeing your messages to me.
    9. SydneyY
      Looks like I can't tell if you have replied or not unless I visit your page... I'm not sure how this long "Your Notification" drop down works, so it may be that I'm missing some notification or the other.

      I've been the same, maybe a bit more out of control on buying toys. Are you getting any new toys? What do you think of animated?
      (Sorry if you are active in Animated forum. I don't go there at all as I haven't watched the show.)
    10. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Yeah, not bad.

      I just thought I'd try this friends thing out and see what it is and you seemed the most likely candidate.

      So, how've you been doing?
    11. SydneyY
      Good to hear from you (well sort of :D) Hope you have been well.
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