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Aug 3, 2020 at 5:11 PM
    1. Hiraga
      SD ftw!!
    2. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Darkwind (Silverbolt Repaint) I think is I TRU exclusive. Should be out here in April. Not sure when or if he hits other countries. I'm looking forward to grabbing him.

      Does seem the BotCon toys are out of reach for us mere mortals. Especially if you go for the whole set. Personally, I don't think I have room for big sets like that anymore, let alone be able to afford them.
    3. SydneyY
      I wish Botcon toys weren't that expensive. I still want SG Rodimus though. He's so much better than Wildrider repaint.

      Is U Silverbolt repaint (forgot his name again, sorry) some sort of exclusive?
    4. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      I saw the repaints on the shelf at Target the other day. They're pretty cool looking in vehicle mode anyway.

      Can't say after owning the original that I'd really jump through hoops to own another though. He's nice, but the kibble arms get annoying after a time.
    5. SydneyY
      I haven't seen any of the repaints in person. It's a great mould, but people who've been buying the repaints must be unimpressed.
    6. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Flak does look good. I love that mold anyway, but have to wonder if FunPub isn't a little frustrated with Hasbro. You have to know the universe double release came after they already had the mold earmarked for an exclusive. Honestly, that's the weirdest thing I've ever seen, two colors on the same mold released at the exact same time.
    7. SydneyY
      :lol at your neighbour's story. I guess it's not only toys that "if it costs that much it must be good" mentality works.

      Having thought over it, I doubt if Henkei Hotshot will have Jaam plate. I don't think it's known in Japan much at all and TakTom will have lots to explain...then again, Henkei Onslaught still had Monzo written on, so I can't say.

      Did you see Botcon Flak? Now there's one I would want...
    8. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      You know, we had a neighbor trying to give away a bar and set of stools. Set it in their front yard, put a sign on it, "FREE." It sat for two weeks untouched. One day, I saw as I drove by "$300" on it. It was gone by that night.

      I wonder if Takara has people that are in on the Jaam joke? That is seriously the funniest fan related thing to make it to official status ever.
    9. SydneyY
      I hope you'll find someone who can accompany you to the concert! Funny sometimes people don't bite on "free" stuff. You should've charged $20 :lol

      I wonder if Henkei Hotshot has the Jaam plate?
    10. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Yeah, common fine-print on any contest in the US of that nature, musical, writing, painting, anything, just by entering, you hand over your rights to whatever company is the sponsor. Kinda sucks, but that's corporatized America for ya.

      Hotshot I'm considering picking up when he's around in stores just for the bio. Jaam would almost be enough even if he didn't look a billion times better than the original figure to me.
    11. SydneyY
      So, if you enter (or win) those contests you lose the copyright? I understand what you mean in that case. I am certain you wouldn't want someone butchering your work :(

      I have no more Classic/Henkei on my shopping list except for Hotshot (Henkei). My son still treasures his Micron Legend Hotshot and strongly believes Henkei version looks inferior. We'll find out in a couple of weeks.
      After that I have nothing planned until Alternity Megatron in May. Time to catch up with some older stuff.
    12. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Well, here the choice is, enter one of those contests and no longer own your own writing, OR, pay an editor and still actually own it afterwards. So, that's the direction I'm heading because I trust NO ONE with my creations.

      I kinda dig Inferno's head, though it could be a little wider and fuller. I just can't get into much of the other Classics 2.0s. Too much strangeness in proportions and sculpt. Silverbolt finally got me after I saw the Darkwind recolor. That looks incredible, but there's still some things not quite right on it.
    13. SydneyY
      I didn't know one has to pay an editor to read their novel and the fee is per page? Wow. I don't know how it is here, but in Japan there are lots of competitions held by literature magazines and as far as I know that's often how writers get their creation published for the first time. It's very different.

      Yeah that Inferno has a funny looking head, I have to call him cute. I still prefer his head sculps than Prowl/Sunstreaker etc. Hound is such a neat figure, but that face mould really puts me off.
    14. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      My intention was to self-publish. Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be able to afford to even have an editor look at it unless it's a LOT shorter than it's ending up every time I think the story is good.

      Speed Racer is AWESOME. Most fun movie ever. Well, close. And Inferno is truly great. All the goodness of a G1 mold with all the modern articulation you could want, except the head. But that's OK. He's still cool.
    15. SydneyY
      Sounds like a severe compressing is going on with your novel. Is it your intention, to make the story more condensed? Will you eventually take it to a publisher or put it up on your website?

      I've just bought Henkei Inferno online. Now I need Speed Racer DVD! My kids want to watch it anyway :)
    16. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Currently on my third rewrite of the novel, two rewrites behind me. One around 700 pages, the other around 550 pages. The current revision is sitting around 250 pages and climbing fast.

      The twist really isn't much of a twist. A couple that has a date when they're sixteen/seventeen and things go bad, then they end up "together" seven years later. And all the stuff that happens in between. It keeps me going, I'm not sure how others will feel about it. Don't really care, has to be done or my brain will explode.

      I wish I had the patience to deal with toy photos. I just can't justify buying more and keeping my photo setup around when I've got so much other stuff going on.

      Thanks for the compliment on the music. There's plenty more coming. But you probably knew that already.

      I have to say, I've been really disappointed by almost all the exclusive toys for BotCon this year. Maybe Scourge, but even that's sort of so-so. OK, the Landmine repaint was awesome, but I love that mold. Refuse to pay what they're asking for it again though.
    17. SydneyY
      Hmm, I can't imagine a crappy, sappy story written by you. Must be a good sappy story with some twist. How far are you into it now?

      That music is so good that I've taken my groupie costume out of the wardrobe. Wish I knew how to make a good video to go with it. Awesome stuff.
      Missing a Botcon might be a bummer, but you are being creative and I can see you can't stop the flow of the things :)
      (Exclusive toys don't look that hot anyway, with a possible exception of Leozac, IMO)

      I am still doing the same. Toy photos and translation, all secondary products. But not having a creative brain, I do enjoy doing those things.
    18. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Can't do it this year. Too much going on.

      I'm writing a novel. Sappy, crappy love story type thing, but it's something that's been in my head for about fifteen years.

      I'm also writing a couple other longer stories, just for my own entertainment.

      Still working on rebuilding my toyroom, slowly.

      And slapping together a surprise for the Transformers world. Right now I'm secretly referring to it as Decepticon Battle Metal. It's gonna be awesome. I'm considering it the sequel of my movie celebration music in 2007.

      Sneak Peak. Still a lot of work to do, but I'm gettin' there.

      Between that and the money, I just won't be able to make BotCon this year. Maybe next time around.

      How've you been doing? I see you're busy with some translations and such around here.
    19. SydneyY
      Hi mate, how have you been? Are you riding into the Bot convention after all?
    20. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Would be a lot more if not for that board reset. I didn't bother getting my old count back because, really? It doesn't matter.

      But thanks for noticing.
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