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Sep 28, 2020 at 2:29 PM
    1. SydneyY
      I am very sorry to hear about the kitten. I know you and your wife made her as happy as she could be and took good care of her.

      That's a bummer situation with your mum and dad. I recall reading about your explaining how your dad broke the breaking up news to your mum. My parents are still together and I can't imagine how it is. But yeah say no to both is probably the best.

      My life is pretty much the same. Got a new budgie though, and he's a tyrant.
    2. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      That's it. Ratbat's getting a beatdown.

      Unfortunately, Kitty is gone. She spiralled and it just wasn't able to be beat this last time. We did what we could for her until it was obvious her life wasn't any fun at all, and then we took her in and I held her while she was put down. It's hard, but she deserved the best we could do.

      As for everything else, life's a mess right now. Mom and dad, eight years after their divorce, decided to go all k00ky and bring the lawyers back in. Now their trying to use me as a way to beat each other over the head and I'm not having any of it so neither of them are very happy with me. It's all a grand ol' time.

      How's things with you?
    3. SydneyY
      How is the kitty?
      Our neighbours' got a new cat, apparently a stray who decided to settle down for free food.

      I still haven't got the backstage pass!
    4. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Yeah, kitty's stuck with this for life. The best we can do is help control the condition and keep her from feeling nausea all the time. She's mostly an indoor kitty, with only a couple trips outside, highly supervised, each day.

      We have relatives out in Rapid, so we headed out there on the bike last year and cruised the Black Hills one afternoon on two wheels until the rain kicked in and sent us back down to the city. Good times. Curvy, twisty, hilly roads are loads of fun on a motorized two wheeler.

      Good luck with the kids in the theater. At least ROTF is the type of movie that keeps a kid's attention most of the time.
    5. SydneyY
      Is the cat's condition what she has to live with for the rest of life, or the medication might help get rid of it? :( She's very fortunate that she's got owners who care.

      2 doors down from our place, the people have 3 cats who roam outside freely. They used to be kittens but now they are growing up. The humans there have about 5 kids and I am sure the cats will follow suit soon. We've got quite a few cats on the street, including the one who claimed our front yard as his territory. He's neutered, but still fights bravely a Tom, who loves to piss on our front door.

      Hope you'll have a good trip to Rapid City. I've just googled the name, looks like a beautiful place!

      If all's well I'll be taking 4 boys (including my 2) to ROTF. I'll probably have to endure lots of "hey I know what that joke means, it's about secks, teehee" giggles. They grow up too quickly.
    6. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Been a busy summer. Been riding quite a bit. Have another trip out to Rapid City coming in a couple weeks and been working on getting the bike ready for that.

      We have a kitty with a lot of problems and that's ate up some serious time this year. Kidney problems, and her body isn't filtering toxins so we have to give her medication twice a day and take her to the vets at least twice a week. Between that and outside work, I haven't had much me time, and what me time I get, I use up on the bike.

      I have bought zero movie toys. I refuse to allow myself to get started. I didn't even manage to pick up Darkwind when he was around in TRU and he inspired the whole band concept. I think I'm about toyed out altogether.

      Made it to the movie four times including one IMAX viewing. I think that does it for me until the DVD comes out. I don't have ten viewings in me for this one like I did the last one. It's fun, but not that fun.

      Be seeing you around. Maybe when the weather turns I'll get the Skidplates back on track.
    7. SydneyY
      I see you online!

      Hope you have been well, have you been riding a lot since? How is summer in your area, does it get too hot to ride?

      We've been to the second ROTF viewing (first for the younger son), and it was a much better experience. The young one actually thought Prime ripping every face he confronted was quite cool. Both of the kids didn't look at the screen while the Doctor was at work.
      I still haven't got that many toys, though. Have you?

      I gotta go to bed now, take care :D
    8. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      If my body can take it? That is the question.

      One of my work buddies took his kids to see the movie. They loved it. But his younger son is a bit of a gear-head, and doesn't spook very easily. His older son is a big time dreamer, and got all caught up in the giant robot action. It's too bad there's so much stupid "adult" humor in the movie, or it'd be a terrific family flick.
    9. SydneyY
      I think I'll be watching ROTF again. Not sure if I should be taking my younger son, though. He really wants to watch it, but Scalpel might spook him....

      As for the bike ride, as long as your body can take it, why not? :D
    10. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Yeah. Gotta say the movie sat really wrong with me the first time through. Wife wanted to go a couple days later and sitting through it a second time I liked it a LOT more.

      You'd think after that big bike trip I'd have enough. I'm sitting at work today wishing I was back out on the road. I must be crazy.
    11. SydneyY
      Covering 450+ miles in a day is long even by car! Glad you made it and had a good time :)

      Seen ROTF 3 times? I know I should go again to pick up more details (I even have trouble catching what they are saying), but not sure if I want to. I guess I expected too much. Halfway through the movie I was sick of comic relief characters moving the story so often. I liked them all, the twins, Wheelie and even Leo, but there are just too many of them. Sorry about the whinge, I was just hoping to get to know more about the new characters.
    12. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      It was a pretty good trip. Felt like a holy quest by the time I pulled onto the gravel road down by them. 450+ miles in a day on a bike makes you feel every contact point. Still good though.

      I've seen the movie three times now. It's good, but not as good as the first one I feel. And honestly, the power of that Autobot Arrival music crawls through every scene they use it in. I love that scene so much in the first one, and the music just pulls up that feeling every time it's used in the new one. That said, LOVE Prime's two berserker rages, and love Bumblebee kicking ass in the desert. Jet-Prime was pretty cool too. There's a lot of good, but there's still some things I would have left on the cutting room floor.

      Oh well, it is what it is at this point, and at least there is some depth there if you look for it. Little things like that cube splinter scene being explained with the Fallen telling Megs that "the boy" has absorbed all the information in the Allspark really add a touch of epicness that the first film sometimes lacked.

      OK, I just wrote way too much about it. I liked it. Not sure my butt can handle sitting through it ten times in a theater like I did the first one though.
    13. SydneyY
      Did you have a good trip? Also, what did you think of ROTF? I must say, with this one I really felt the 2+ hours.
    14. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      The farm's just under five hundred miles one way. That'll be quite a ride.

      Thanks for the well wishes. I actually am feeling better this weekend. Not sure what part of my weekday routine needs to go to keep me feeling this way, but I'll get it sorted.

      Should be a fun week.
    15. SydneyY
      Hope you are getting better and ready for the big week! How far is the farm you are going to?
      I'm looking forward to ROTF, too, but don't know when we get to go. Hopefully by Sunday after.
      Take care :D
    16. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Yeah, I've always felt a bit old mentally. Now my body's starting to catch up. Ick.

      Next week is gonna be a big one for me. Midnight showing of the movie, next day a show with the wife, and then my biggest solo motorcycle ride so far. Going back to the place where I first learned to ride all those years ago, the old family farm. Should be a fun trip, if the darned thunderstorms can knock it off for a couple days, and I can lose this stomach bug.
    17. SydneyY
      I'm so glad to hear that your hearing is coming back. Sorry to hear about you stomach problem, but consider it as your sinus infection going downways. I used to get chest infection after flushing sinus down. I am sure you'll get rid of it in no time :)

      I'm doing fine right now, getting very cold here and my fingers are a bit stiff. I feel old.
    18. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Slowly piecing myself back together. I can hear well enough to where I can at least play again so I've been practicing the new song for the Skidplates next release. It isn't perfect enough to where I could trust myself to do the mixdown yet, but it's getting there.

      Now I seem to be suffering some sort of stomach problem. I told my wife I feel like I'm falling apart these past few weeks. It doesn't help that it's been like monsoon season here and been raining constantly. Not much of a chance to go out and exercise with days like that, and I'm somebody that needs to do something every once in a while or I just go stir-crazy.

      So, I guess you could say I'm getting by, but things aren't real rosy yet. How goes with you?
    19. SydneyY
      How are you doing?
    20. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Seriously? There's more than one SDite? NO WAI!
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