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Jul 15, 2002
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Aug 17, 2023
    1. Omegashark18
      So I just found out that while I don’t get the CW, I do get it’s affiliate channel WPIX! Which means I can watch Supernatural on there!
    2. AutobotAvalanche
    3. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      No prob, Superquad7!
    4. Superquad7
      Hey, thanks for the update! I really appreciate it!
    5. Superquad7
    6. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Yeah, I'm down to the point where packing and shipping pretty much eats the entirety of what I make off of them. I'm about down to throwing them away, which would be sorta sad but I don't have the room for them anymore and don't know any little kids that would like them.

      I'm giving it a couple weeks after BotCon and then I'm either making a huge run to goodwill or just dumping them.
    7. nelodiavolo
      You have great prices on your alts and no one buys? Maybe people are saving for botcon stuff now. I can't seem to sell anything either.
    8. SydneyY
      Me, too. I used to do lots of adding effect and stuff to my photos for the same reason! Now I just try to compliment the figure as he is.

      The "real" colouring on the paper is, I guess very difficult to show off on PC screens. I am not very familiar with scanner settings and such, but I imagine even the best setting ,might still look different from what you see with your own eyes?

      It's awesome to know that all your pets are so kind to the gecko. I am actually quite surprised at how good your cats are. The cats I had (only 2 in my life though) were very true to their blood instincts.

      :mad at the rock dropping idiot. Really, what's the point?
    9. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Yeah, I went crazy with the toy photos thing for a long time because I think, deep down, I wished I could draw to put them in the scenes I saw in my mind. I always had plans to do more with the photos, but it would require room I just don't have to actually fully realize. So, I started down the drawing path.

      You know, the digital colors thing bothered me a bit too. I bought a set of artists colored pencils, and can't get those close to digital colors in depth and clarity. The airbrush has the potential to get there, but it'd be a matter of the right paint and a lot of patience. Digital colors are "easier" to do too, but I get so tired of staring at a computer screen.

      Our little lizard is a leopard gecko. She's a bit scrawny and not yet fully grown. Not sure if she'll ever be fully grown. But right now she's around six and a half inches or so, head to tail-tip. She lost her tail when her previous owner dropped a rock on it. I hope I never meet that guy face to face or there's going to be serious problems. Pet ownership is something a lot of people think is a decorating choice, and they don't consider there are living creatures involved until they've hurt them, killed them, or tortured them for months in bad living conditions and then wonder why they never do anything.

      Sometimes the kitties want to play with her, but mostly they're pretty good with her. I think they fight their natural instincts some with her because they know how important "family" is as a concept in our home. They may not know the word, but once the point gets across that something is family, that's it. We even had the female kitty carry a fish to us in another room very carefully when it jumped out of the tank. It survived when we put it back in. She didn't even scratch it with her teeth carrying it to us.

      Our dogs just look at her with adoring eyes and touch noses with her every night when she's out for her family time. They're so careful with her it's funny to watch.
    10. SydneyY
      Armourhide and Inferno have their characteristic looks, and the con head and Armourhide both have nice colours, I gotta say I'm more used to see digital colours nowadays. I wish I could draw, there's a limit at what you can do with toy photos. I try to consider it as a fun challenge, though.
      ans lol @ the kitten hair...they get about, don't they?

      That is very good of you to rescue the lizard. It is always very sad that people don't consider very carefully when getting a pet. Pets can't choose their owners :( How big is she? it's not that your cats are trying to pounce on her tail, right? :D
    11. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      I've been drawing all sorts of things. Started with a couple TFs and ended up going all over the place with it, including converting some pictures I'd taken over the years into drawings.

      Some of my TF art posted up:

      I've always been a toy fan when it comes to Transformers, but somewhere around the time the first movie came out I started to realize I just can't keep buying them. I don't have the room for it anymore. Story was always more important to me, but I love the toys. More and more though I found myself bored even with the toys I did get. Oh well. Hopefully they release season 3 of animated on DVD at some point in time. That was a pretty decent show.

      Yeah, our little lizard had a rough patch. She wasn't released, but the guy that had her turned off her heat, stopped giving her calcium, and tried to feed her crickets that were way too big for her to handle. Months later he gave up and tried to get rid of her. Somehow friends of friends knew about us and our "take in broken pets" fetish and we ended up with her. Had to hand-feed her baby-food through a syringe for two and a half months, with liquid calcium supplements twice a day. She just switched to eating on her own full-time last week again and now her little tummy's starting to grow. Poor thing looked like a living skeleton when we got her. Doing pretty good now though.

      The kitties are obsessed with her, and the pups love her to death. Makes for an interesting household, that's for sure.
    12. SydneyY
      As long as you find something that interests you. What do you draw?

      I'm more into toys than stories (of course a good storyline helps, like Animated :)) so I still buy some toys. Actually as for ROTF I prefer the ones who's not actively in the story. Which means the most of them, I guess, but I hope you know what I mean.

      Hope your lizard is well, I guess it's not a good time to let a reptile go, being winter there? Was she a victim of a road accident?
    13. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Hope yours was good too.

      I think ROTF ended my Transformers hobby for good for me. Last toy I bought was Masterpiece Grimlock. It got transformed twice, once by a friend, once by me, then back in the box. I'm still into the concepts, but the magic just isn't there anymore. I guess I've lost my faith that we'll ever get truly inspiring stories for Transformers, and story was always the driving factor for me. Bah, enough of that.

      Other hobbies are piling up for me though. Been doing a lot of drawing, music, writing and work on the pet front. We got a rescue lizard that needed a lot of babying to get back to healthy. She soaked up a tremendous amount of our time over the last three months or so.

      Hope life's treating you good.
    14. SydneyY
      Ach sorry about the very late greetings...hope you have had a good Christmas :)

      I've been busy and haven't done much hobby-wise. Get a new toy, snap a few pics, then have no more time to do anything with them :(
    15. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Yeah, it's always the computer's fault when some moron pressed the wrong keys. As an IT person, I hear that all day long.
    16. SydneyY
      For the record, my income was not 46,700 or any related number to 467, weird. Isn't it great though, they don't even have to say sorry, because it's the system's error.
    17. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Wow. Governments have an amazing ability to screw up the simplest things.
    18. SydneyY
      Sorry I'm always late to get back. Hope the family situation has improved in the last few days.

      Aside from some hassle with the tax department I'm doing fine.
      For some freaky reason their system recorded my income as $467 (how would I afford my transformers with that much?) for the whole year of 2008. I lodged it online and had a printout to prove that everything was done correctly, but still they sent me piles of paperwork to fill in. I think I'll just got to an accountant next year.
    19. Night Flame
      Night Flame
      Not bad. The usual going on. Still have family drama. Have a dog with some sort of hip problem. But outside of that, things are going well. How 'bout yourself?
    20. SydneyY
      How are you doing?
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