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Dec 4, 2013
Dec 2, 2013
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Autobots..Roll Out!

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Dec 4, 2013
    1. AgentAlabama113
      Welcome to TFW.
    2. Blazere
      Hey, welcome to TFW!
    3. Novaburnhilde
      Welcome to TFW.
    4. BeeOtch217
      Love the Avatar & Sig, Nick! :thumb
    5. NicolasPrime
      Just wanted to post this awesome photo of DOTM Optimus Prime :) (sorry for the huge size.)
    6. NotRamjet97
    7. NotRamjet97
      It's in your user CP, and edit your's there somewhere.
    8. NotRamjet97
      Meh, I dunno if I'm awesome...

      But it is nice to meet another brony :D
    9. BeeOtch217
      You have to be at least a TFW2005 supporter.

      Q. How do I become a TFW2005 Supporter?
      A. Any member who donates $25 or more to TFW2005's server costs will become a TFW2005 Supporter. You can find out more on our [strike]Donation Page[/strike] NOTE: Donations are closed for the moment. They will be back soon.
    10. BeeOtch217
      Your welcome! :D
    11. BeeOtch217
      Hey. In "user CP", on the left side of the screen you'll see options, click on "Edit Signature" (It's under "Edit Avatar"). After you do that you'll see a box, like the one you see when you want to post on a thread, put anything you want in there (That's appropriate).

      If you want to post an image find one then go to a photo sharing/hosting website like Photobucket or whatever then go back to the signature page press the icon above the box that where you type that has the mountain on the bottom and square in the top right (It's in between the globe with the oval and the word bubble) then copy and paste the URL of your image and press "OK" and the URL will appear in the box with [IMG] on either side. (That's just so it shows up as an image in the thread.)

      After all that, press "Save Signature" below and your good to go. If something goes wrong then asks the mods in "Tech Support".
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