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    1. Winter Road
      Winter Road
      Good point about Prime being unsure and questioning without being angsty~
    2. Securis
      Can you do any TF style voice impersonations?
    3. Securis
      You're an interesting kind of person.
    4. Securis
      Oh, yeah absolutely. Cheers.
    5. Securis
    6. Securis
      Yeah, me too. As crazy as it sounds, I'm not sorry for what happened, though. For a child to have to learn that his own mother is a poisonous human being, it's very hard, it's almost insurmountable. Like in that movie The Crow, the character says "Mother is the name of God on the mouths of babes" or something like that. It's true. But I learned to be no mama's boy, and I'm a very happy person with a very positive energy and a lot of life experience that I use to positive effect in life. When someone is down or needs advice, I can draw from all that stuff and try to help them turn a negative into a positive. Taking life's abuse and converting it to fuel for your inner fire is a great skill.
    7. Securis
      That's okay, I like a good long reply. Yeah, Transformers in its original form was a very innocent, pure, positive thing. For me it is and has always been a sort of escape. When I was a kid, my mom got married to a guy who used to beat me and my brother on the backs of our legs with a wire coat hanger and stuff. He was also a drug dealer. You know how kids can sense stuff? I knew from the start the guy was rotten as hell, and not someone who could be a role model. It may sound silly but I always looked to Optimus Prime as the strong "male" in my life. He was everything my stepfather wasn't, and it created such a strong emotional bond that has never left me. I have an autobot symbol tattooed on my shoulder, that's how much it means to me. No one could live up to what Optimus is, but the symbol reminds me to always try.
    8. Securis
      I was just remembering how the movieverse turned him against the whole franchise. He basically left the fandom. This after being one of the great fanfic writers and a driving force behind keeping the fandom alive during the mid and late 90's... It seemed like such a waste. I read his review of the movie, and most of the things he complained about were the stupid humor elements. He hasn't really been heard from within the fandom since movie 1. I think if we stop participating as fans, that's when we lose all of our sway over the future of Transformers. If that happens, Transformers becomes Bayformers for generations to come.
    9. Securis
      Do you remember a fanfic writer from years ago named Robert Jung?
    10. Securis
      Stupid humor's a big one that turns me away from movieverse. I think what I see in them, however rare, is this thing that happens when I'm watching... I'll be taken back to childhood when something rings in perfect unison to the core of the original concept of the characters. Optimus' speech at the observatory in movie 1 was a perfect example. His insistence on not harming humans. Things like that, while not being enough to make me accept the movies wholesale, will still prompt me to continue watching them and being curious.
    11. Shortwave
      No probs just pm me a discription when you can i have 2 to do anyways.
    12. Shortwave
      Ok seeing as im here you want an OC drawn?
    13. Shortwave
      Yeah lol just wish i had a little less and a lot more toys. :)
    14. Shortwave
      OOOH Securis your no Curmudgen.
      I have Aspergers my self and Dyslexia... beter to post the stuff i dont have. lol.
    15. Securis
      I hate the idea of becoming a curmudgeon, but the fact is it gets harder and harder to relate to the whippersnappers as this fandom continues marching into the brave new tomorrow. I find it a lot easier to relate to someone who's been a fan from the beginning like I have.
    16. Shortwave
      Dude yout talking to a deaf mute trust me i get it. lol.
    17. Securis
      When it comes to the movie forum, and in most other instances, I find myself agreeing with everything you say.
    18. Shortwave
      The second i saw it i went "Hold on is that back to front?" AAAHHH Nostalgia. now to find Count Duckula.
    19. NeverDoubt
      Yes it is! Actually I didn't grow up with the show (I'm from the US), I just enjoy reading about '80s cartoons, lol.
    20. Shortwave
      Sorry but is that a Raggydoll as your avatar?
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