Jun 13, 2016
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Obsessed with Robots, Female, from California

drawing robots and buying more robots May 23, 2024

    1. NEOLAB
      drawing robots and buying more robots
    2. DerVernichter
      Sorry to bother you, but could you tell me the name of the artist whose songs you would use as background music for your videos? I didn't bookmark them while I still had the chance.
      1. NEOLAB
        Carbon Citizens. They were really going hard the. Just stopped.
        Mar 6, 2024
      2. DerVernichter
        Thank you so much! Love their tunes, hopefully they're doing great whatever they're up to right now.
        Mar 6, 2024
    3. NemesisPrime1984
      i know that you don't do customs anymore, but i wish i could still watch the videos on youtube again
    4. khajiit4ever
      Hello Neolab I love your content and i'am very interested in ROTB Arcee upgrade kit that I will be willing to pay please thanks
    5. Javier Herrera
      Javier Herrera
      Hello NEOLAB, I was hoping to see if you would be willing to make one more batch of the Arcee fully painted upgrade kit, I’d pay up to 50 for one kit, I’m a big fan of your work and it’s very inspiring.
    6. NectarMechanics
      Ello! I'm a big fan of your customs and just wanted to say that Its sad to see you leave YouTube. I totally understand why, and I hope whatever you do next is what you want, but you will be missed. Just let it be known that you helped inspire me to keep going with my own work, and you've definitely left your mark on the platform. Thank you for all the brilliant content and projects you've made this past year.
    7. TopShot16
      Hello! I own a copy of MPM04 Optimus Prime (Hasbro Edition) and I was wondering if you wanted it for a custom? I'm willing to sell it for an actually decent price of $100 (negotiable). The figure has gone through its normal wear and tear. The main cab windows sheared off, I only have one remaining Energon Sword, and no Ion Cannon. Just send a message if you want it!
    8. khajiit4ever
      Hi there I have watched your video on YouTube and they are great ,btw I like to order the upgrade kit for SS ROTB arcee since your website don't have them, i'am from Australia
    9. TntnNeonPrime
    10. Cerberus
      So good and proper tuto for customisation finally done on transformers, with the same level of dedication and quality put on gundam kits all over youtube.
      Thank you sir!
    11. iper3531
      Hay brother just wont to say love your videos u do such a phenomenal job at what you do.

      And was wondering if u would be intrested in doing a ultimate bee?
      1. NEOLAB
        Thank you for the complement! I would be interested in just about anything :)
        Apr 14, 2023
      2. iper3531
        How about a new ultimate bb? Can I dm u my idea?
        Apr 26, 2023
      3. iper3531
        Can I dm you about the idea?
        Apr 26, 2023
    12. Nitronus
      Hey. Are you selling the slipstream custom kit? If so i would like to buy one!!
      1. NEOLAB
        Stay tuned for this. I have a few fixes for the kit coming soon, then it will be available.
        Apr 7, 2023
    13. Nitronus
      I love your work. I recently found your youtube videos.
    14. Nyarlahotep
      Just discovered your Youtube channel, love the production and tutorials!
    15. Veimos2
      Hello I like how you disassemble parts, I really need help to remove a large pin of G2 Autoroller Dirtbag in the back.
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    I'm Avery! An artist obsessed with mecha. I have been collecting TF non stop since I was 3, and now Diaclone is sucking away all my big girl money.


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